The Atmosphere Exposed: Photographs of Halos, Mirages, Iridescent Clouds, and More

  • Superior Mirage of Whitefish Summit 2
  • Rainbow
  • Lace
  • 8 Superbes 7
  • Glory
  • Sunrise over Casco Bay
  • Moon Refraction
  • Glitter 3s

For the first time in the thirty history of the International Light and Color in the Open Air Conference a corresponding exhibition is being held. The Atmosphere Exposed: Photographs of Halos, Mirages, Iridescent Clouds… and more, will be on display in the Boyden Gallery from 12 June to 30 September 2010. The exhibition is free and open to the public and includes open hours before the Friday River Concert series.
A resplendent array of over 140 printed photographs captures stunning atmospheric conditions. This juried show received entries from scientists, meteorologists, and amateur photographers from around the world. The images depict the study of light’s interaction with Earth’s atmosphere and its landscape. In themselves, the photographs are wondrous to behold; for those interested in delving into scientific explanations of these naked-eye observations, an exhibition brochure will be available (courtesy of information furnished by Les Cowley's Atmospheric Optics web site,

Hours & Events:

  • June 12 @ 4 PM, "Weather in Art,” lecture by Dr. Stanley Gedzelman (CCNY ) followed by Boyden Gallery reception at 5:30 PM
  • June 16 @ 5:30 Panel Discussion & Reception hosted by the Conference in the Boyden Gallery
  • Open Gallery hours : 12 June 2-6:30 PM
    15-20 June 12-5 PM
    23 June – 30 July (Wednesdays 11-1:30 PM & Fridays 4-7 PM)

Our sincere appreciation goes to the exhibition’s jurors:
Charles Adler, Associate Professor & Chair of Physics, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
David Emerick, Associate Director of New Media, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Andrew Keiper, Media Center Coordinator, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Raymond Lee, Research Professor, Mathematics & Science Division, U. S. Naval Academy

Co-sponsored by the Maryland State Arts Council, The Patuxent Partnership, Wyle