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Experiencing the Liberal Arts in the World: Learning Objectives

In order to fulfill their Experiencing the Liberal Arts in the World requirement, students must enroll in one of the nine sections of Core 350 described in the College Catalog, alongside an educational experience in which they:

  • Gain first-hand experience beyond the college campus or outside of academic culture. This could be accomplished through means such as studying in another country, working with a community organization, or conducting off-campus research;
  • Engage in activities with an academic component worthy of at least 4 credits. This can be done through any of the approved nine methods, such as an approved service-learning class, a study-abroad semester or tour, or an independent study or internship;
  • Build on or develop broader educational experience or goals. These goals could be part of the student’s major or minor course(s) of study, or simply be something s/he has always wanted to explore. They should in some way connect to knowledge, ideas, or skills developed during the student’s college coursework;
  • Explore and critically examine perspectives other than their own, as well as gain a critical understanding of their own perspectives. This could happen through attentively living in another culture, becoming part of a workplace culture, or sharing one’s knowledge with others outside of the college classroom; and
  • Engage in a critical evaluation of their experience. To do so, they must reflect in writing on the ways their experience has contributed to their education.