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Experiencing the Liberal Arts in the World

The goal for students as they complete this element of the Core Curriculum is that they bridge the gap between the academy and the world beyond, transcending the theory-praxis divide and giving extra meaning to their academic courses by applying their developing knowledge base to life experiences outside the boundaries of the college campus.

This requirement can be satisfied in a variety of ways:

  • A study tour, or a semester- or year-long study abroad program;
  • A credit-bearing internship (arranged through the college's Career Development Center);
  • A service or experiential learning class;
  • By petition, through certain kinds of independent studies or off-campus research experiences that help students meet the goals of the requirement.

In order to gain ELAW credit, students must enroll in Core350 (a zero-credit course) during the same semester in which they engage in the experience they are using to satisfy the Experiencing the Liberal Arts in the World requirement. For more information, please see the lefthand menu bar.

Upon completion of the experience, students must submit a reflective essay of approximately 1600 words to the Office of the Core Curriculum, at More information about this essay, including sample essays, is available via the lefthand menu bar.

For more information about how to register — including a link to the registration form, and information about petitioning for non-standard experiences —please see "How do I register?" in the lefthand menu bar.

(Please consult the current  course catalog for additional details.)