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Thursday, February 7
5:30 - 6:30 PM
St. Mary's Hall
America, India and Pakistan
To the Brink and Back:
Avoiding Armageddon in Asia

Recent Events:

Wednesday, November 28
5:00 PM | Cole Cinema
The Libertarian Vision
of a Limited Government
Lectures on Liberty
Dr. Daniel Mitchell
CATO Institute
Co - Sponsored with the
Economics, Lecture and Fine Arts Departments

Thursday, November 8
What Just Happened? A Discussion of Tuesday's Election
Washington, D.C.
Co-Sponsored with the Office of Alumni Affairs and the Political Science Department

Tuesday, November 13
5:00 PM | St. Mary's Hall
Proposition 8: The Play
Co-Sponsored with the Departments of Art, Art History and Political Science
-A dramatic reading of court arguments surrounding same sex marriage in California-

Thursday, October 25
5:30 PM | St. Mary's Hall
Russia and America: What  Can We Expect in the Next Four Years?
James S. Collins, former U.S. Ambassador to Russia
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
- an assessment of U.S./Russian relations with the former U.S. Ambassador to Russia -

Program Highlight

Thursday, February 7

America, India and Pakistan
to the Brink and Back:
Avoiding Armageddon in Asia

5:30 - 6:30 PM
 St. Mary's Hall


Student Spotlight

St. Mary's Votes!

St. Mary's Votes!

Since its inception in 2004, the club has registered over 850 young people to vote in State and National elections. In 2008, the club expanded its role in civic engagement to include working as election and poll judges during primary and general elections.


2010 - 2011

September 7, October 25,27

 Congressional Candidate Forum
Three forums for candidates running in the Primary and General
election for Maryland District 5, two will be hosted by the college at St. Mary's Hall,
and one at Leonardtown High School. These were co-sponsored by
the League of Women Voters and NAACP.

September 16

Constitution Day "Habeus Corpus at Guantanamo Bay: The Case of Dr. Ayman Batarfi."
Students and members of the community gathered in Cole Cinema to hear attorney
William J. Murphy speak on his experiences defending Dr. Ayman Batarfi, a
Guantanamo Bay detainee. The lecture had a specific focus on the importance of Habeus
Corpus in the legal system. Followed by a dinner with faculty.

September 24

Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Ehrlich
Former Governor Bob Ehrlich visited the SMCM campus, teaching a political science class, interacting with students, and campaigning for his re-election. When he had finished with the students, he continued to Daugherty Palmer Commons, where he held a small business roundtable discussion with area business leaders. Attendance: 45+ press 

October 7

Human Rights Film Series

"Torturing Democracy"

     Students gathered in Cole Cinema for a film screening with Sherry        Jones of her film "Torturing Democracy"
     which was followed by a discussion the next week.          

October 14

Human Rights Film Series

A Panel Discussion of "Torturing Democracy" Filmmaker Sherry Jones and Human Rights Attorney Tom Wilner, Constitutional Lawyer Scott Horton, and Senior Judge Advocate General Stu Couch on their experiences with the making of "Torturing Democracy" and in Guantanamo Bay. A reception was held in the May Russell Lodge following the discussion. Attendance: 60   

October 21

Maryland Political History and the O’Malley/Ehrlich Rematch

Students and members of the community gathered in the Glendenning hall annex for a lecture by Ted Sheckels: Author of Maryland Politics and Political Communication, 1950 – 2005. The lecture was followed by a brief question and answer period and a reception for students and Dr. Shekels.  Attendance: 75

     November 10

Human Rights Film Series

“Which Way Home”

Students and members of the St. Mary’s community gathered in Cole Cinema to watch “Which Way Home," a feature documentary film that follows unaccompanied child migrants, on their journey through Mexico, as they try to reach the United States.  Oscar nominated director Rebecca Cammisa spoke about her experiences making the film. Followed by a discussion about documentary filmmaking and her experiences. Attendance: 90 Co-sponsored by International Languages and Cultures, Theatre and Film, and Media Studies.

November 17

Human Rights Film Series

“Tar Creek”

Students and members of the St. Mary’s community gathered in Cole Cinema for a Film screening and community discussion hosted by filmmaker Matt Meyers about the worst environmental disaster you’ve never heard of. The event was co-Sponsored by the League of Women and Environmental Studies.  Followed by a reception with environmentally minded students. Attendance: 65 

     November 23

Conference on Turkish & Eurasian Affairs

Students and members of the St. Marys Community gathered in Daugherty Palmer Commons for a free conference to address critical issues affecting Turkish and Eurasian societies with national policymakers. The event was co-Sponsored by The Washington Review of Turkish & Eurasian Affairs

December 4

Debating for Democracy D4D on the Road

“D4D on the Road” is a 6-hour training workshop sponsored by Project Pericles that was held at 12 colleges and universities across the United States.  Its aim was to help students discover the power of using stories and connecting through values to mobilize support, persuasively communicate, and motivate people to act. At the workshop, they explored the tactics for pursuing change, including organizing, advocacy, policy development, lobbying, and electoral campaigns.  Attendance 75.

     December 8

Human Rights Film Series

“Enemies of the People”

Students and members of the St. Mary’s community gathered in Cole Cinema to watch “Enemies of the People,” a film which exposes for the first time the truth about the Killing Fields and the Khmer Rouge who were behind Cambodia’s horrific genocide. More than simply an inquiry into Cambodia’s experience, however, “Enemies of the People” is a profound meditation on the nature of good and evil, shedding light on the capacity of some people to do terrible things and for others to forgive them.  Attendance: 50 Co-sponsored by the Library, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Political Science, and History.

Thursday, January 27 

Human Rights Film Series

"The Lives of Others"

Students and members of the St. Mary’s community gathered in Cole Cinema to watch “The Lives of Others,” a German movie about a Statsi officer who monitors a young East German couple and is deeply moved by the events that transpire. The screening was followed by a Discussion with Professors Christine Wooley, David Ellsworth, and Katie Gantz. Attendance:  75

Tuesday, February 8 

"Can our Country Lose its Addiction to Debt? The Causes and Consequences"

Students and members of the St. Mary’s community gathered in Cole Cinema to participate in a presentation and discussion with Harry Zeeve, National Field Director of the Concord Coalition, about the rising debt of the United States, its future, and our current position. Attendance: 65.  Co-Sponsored by Public Policy.

Tuesday, March 8 

Human Rights Film Series

“Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth”

A faculty nominated film exploring the challenges that undocumented youth face upon completing high school.  The screening was accompanied by a discussion with high school counselor and author Elias Vlanton, undocumented student Anngie Gutierrez, and Anthony Colon a nationally recognized authority on education reform. Co-sponsored by the Library, Political Science, and International Languages and Cultures.

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