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Dr. Michael Cain
Professor of Political Science
Kent Hall 105
(240) 895-4215

Upcoming Events

Fall 2013 

Wednesday, August 21

Patuxent Policy Group

7:30am-4pm | Goodpaster Hall 184

Co-sponsored with The Patuxent Partnership

Friday, September 20

A Night with MSNBC Political Pundits, Michael Steele and Steve McMahon: The State of American Politics

Michael Steele, MSNBC and Steve McMahon

7:30-8:30pm | St. Mary’s Hall

Analysis and discussion of the State of US National Politics  

Tuesday, September 24

Give me Liberty or Give me Death:  Suicide, Liberty and Order in James Madison's America

Dr. Richard Bell

5:00-6:00pm | Cole Cinema

Co-sponsored with Museum Studies, the History Department and Historic St. Mary’s City

A lecture on the relationship between civil liberty and personal decisions about suicide in Colonial America  

Thursday, September 26

The Future of Chinese Seapower

Dr. Toshi Yoshihara

4:30-6:00pm | St. Mary’s Hall

Co-sponsored with The Patuxent Partnership

A lecture and discussion by a national expert on the implications of growing Chinese sea power

Tuesday, October 1st

Reclaiming our Democracy 

Sam Hariss

5:00-6:30pm | Cole Cinema

Co-sponsored with the Economics Department

Thursday, October 24

Meet the Candidate

Charles Lollar (Candidate for the Republican Gubernatorial Nomination)

2pm-2:40pm, River Center (2nd floor)

Co-sponsored with College Republicans 

Friday, November 8th

The Bradlee Lecture: The Mystery of Money

Neil Irwin

7:30-8:30pm | St. Mary’s Hall

Co-sponsored with Office of Advancements

Wednesday, November 13th

From Egypt, to Syria, to the Arab-Israeli Conflict: Understanding Tumult in the Middle East 

Shibley Telhami

5:00-6:00pm | St. Mary’s Hall

Co-sponsored with The Patuxent Partnership