St. Mary's College of Maryland

Upcoming Events

Tuesday - Wednesday
April 23 - 24
Patuxent Defense
Forum 2013:
"Rivalries and Conflicts
in the South China Sea:
How Can the U.S. Promote
Greater Stability?
8:00 am
Cole Cinema

Recent Events:

Thursday, April 18 2013
The Legitimate Role of Government
in a Free Society
Lectures on Liberty
Lecture by Walter E. Williams
George Mason University
4:00 pm | Cole Cinema
Co-sponsored with
Lectures and Fine Arts Committee
Departments of Economics,
Political Science, History
and the Economics Club

    Wednesday, April 17 2013
    2013 Maryland
    Legislative Wrap-Up
    1:00 pm
    Daughtery Palmer Commons
    St. Mary's County delegates
    John Bohanan (D) and
    Anthony O'Donnell (R)
    will offer their assessment of
    the 2013 Session of the
    Maryland General Assembly

Friday, April 5 2013
Margaret Brent Lecture: 
"Notes to My Daughter: On Becoming A Woman"
Lecture by Elsa Walsh
Author, New Yorker contributor
5:30 pm | St. Mary's Hall
Co-sponsored with 
Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies

Thursday, March 28
Free Trade vs. Fair Trade:
Where Economists
Get it Right, and Wrong
Lecture by George DeMartino
Josef Korbel School of International Studies
University of Denver
6:00 pm | Cole Cinema

    Tuesday, March 26
    Global Economic Integration
    After the Great Recession,
    and the
    Importance of Free Trade
    with Simon Lester
    of the CATO Institute
    5:30 pm | Cole Cinema

Monday, February 25
The Future of Fracking
in the Chesapeake
5:30 PM | St. Mary's Hall
Co - sponsored with the
St. Mary's River
Watershed Association
League of Women Voters
of St. Mary's County
and the
Natural Science and
Mathematics Colloquium
A discussion of gas
extraction on the
East Coast and the
new gas revolution
associated with fracking

Program Highlight

William Donald Schaefer

Internship for Government Service


A tribute to Governor Schaefer's many contributions to St. Mary's College and the State of Maryland, the Schaefer Internship for Government Service aims to allow undergraduates hands on experience in public policy with the hope that they will be inspired to choose public service as a calling.  



Student Spotlight

St. Mary's Votes!

St. Mary's Votes!

Since its inception in 2004, the club has registered over 850 young people to vote in State and National elections. In 2008, the club expanded its role in civic engagement to include working as election and poll judges during primary and general elections.


Avoiding Armageddon:

America, India and Pakistan: To the Brink and Back

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Russia and America: What Can We

Expect in the Next Four Years?

with James Collins former U.S. Ambassador to Russia                                                                                                  

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Dr. Michael Cain, Director of the Center for the Study of Democracy,
introduces Ambassador Collins

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Mr. James Collins, former United States Ambassador to the Russian
Federation, discusses the future of Russian - American affairs

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Ambassador Collins' lecture was co - sponsored by the Center for the Study of Democracy and
the Patuxent Partnership


Lectures on Liberty:

The Libertarian Vision of A Limited Government

with Dr. Daniel Mitchell of the Cato Institute


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Dr. Mitchell's lecture was entitled "The Libertarian Vision of Limited Government."

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Dr. Daniel Mitchell of the Cato Institute

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After his lecture, Dr. Mitchell took questions from the audience.


2012: Meet the Candidate- Dan Bongino.

 Candidate Bongino (middle) interacting with CSD Director Prof. Michael Cain (left) & SMCM President Dr. Joe Urgo (right)         Candidate Bongino interacting with students

The 2008 Student Convention in New Hampshire:

Professor Eberly and Students meet with Joe Biden   








Professor Eberly and Students with then Senator Joe Biden.

The Benjamin Bradlee Distinguished Lecture in Journalism:

2003 Bradlee Lecture, Bob Woodward:

Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee

2008 Bradlee Lecture, Tom Brokaw:

Tom Brokaw visits the Center

Tom Brokaw speaks at the annual Bradlee Lecture.

Ben Bradlee Signs Book

Benjamin Bradlee signs a book for a student.

Tom Brokaw at the Bradlee Lecture

Tom Brokaw and Benjamin Bradlee discuss issues with students.

Tom Brokaw and Students

Tom Brokaw with students and Dr. Chuck Holden.

Tom Brokaw and Stdnets

Tom Brokaw and Benjamin Bradlee hold a roundtable discussion with concerned SMCM students.

Debating for Democracy (D4D on the Road):

D4D On the Road & Students

Students prepare presentations for Debating For Democracy.

Student speaks at D4D

Students present possible activist strategies at Debating for Democracy.

Gov. Bob Ehrlich visits SMCM:

Bob Ehrlich Teaches Eberly's Class

Bob Ehrlich gives a lecture.

2010 Candidate Forum:

Union Members show their support for Hoyer

Union members show their support for Hoyer.

President Joe Urgo Introduces the Panelists

President of St. Mary's College of Maryland, Dr. Joe Urgo initiates the forum.

Outside the Hoyer-Lollar Debate

A Panorama of the Hoyer-Lollar forum, showing the overflow of patrons.

A forum guest furls the flag

Supporters furl their American Flag.

Charles Lollar

Charles Lollar exits the building.

2010 Jerusalem Women Speak Out:

Jerusalem Women Speak

Students speak with members of Jerusalem Women Speak Out.

Judge John E. Jones Visits Campus:

Judge John E. Jones

Judge John E. Jones lectures in Daugherty Palmer Commons.

KAL, Political Cartoonist for the Economist Lecture:


Kal, the political cartoonist from The Economist addresses the community.

Scott Rolle Visits Campus:

Scott Rolle

Scott Rolle lectures Dr. Eberly's Class.

P.W. Singer Visits Campus:

Singer and Students

P.W. Singer signs a Student's book.

The Patuxent Defense Forum:

Panel From the 2009 Pax Defense Forum

Panelists at the annual Patuxent Defense Forum.

Senator Ben Cardin Visits Campus:

Sen. Ben Cardin Speaks

Senator Ben Cardin speaks to students and the community in St. Mary's Hall.

Sen Ben Cardin

Senator Ben Cardin and the Honorable J. Frank Raley discuss issues concerning the senate and the St. Mary's community.

Ben Cardin and Students

Students discuss renewable energy options for Maryland and St. Mary's with Senator Ben Cardin.

Michael Steele and Terry Rubenstein:

Terry and Michael Steele

Then Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele and Center founding member Terry Rubenstein

Aerial view of St. Mary's College of Maryland campus

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