Schaefer Internship in the Office of the Comptroller

In the spring of 2004, Comptroller Schaefer created a special Schaefer Internship opportunity for St. Mary's College students to work in the Maryland Office of the Comptroller in Annapolis. The competition is open to current St. Mary's College of Maryland students who wish to get an insider’s view of the workings of a government agency. This internship will provide students with valuable hands-on experience with professional-level public service work. A $1000 stipend is also included.

The recipient of this internship award will work during the summer in downtown Annapolis in the Office of the Comptroller. The Comptroller of Maryland is the state’s chief financial officer. The Office of the Comptroller holds a wide variety of fiscal responsibilities. It pays the state's bills, maintains its books, prepares financial reports, and pays its state employees.

The recipient of this internship may be involved in any of the tasks of the Office of the Comptroller, from the handling of delinquent tax collection, to the enforcement of unclaimed property laws. Recent recipients have personally provided the comptroller with assistance by drawing up talking points for events and preparing trip itineraries. Interns have also been involved in brainstorming and implementing new procedures for the office to audit estate tax returns, working to get those who have failed to file taxes into compliance with the law, conducting surveys, and giving presentations on their work to the Governor of Maryland.


Current St. Mary's College sophomore or junior; 3.3 GPA; willingness to work for at least six weeks during the summer and ability to work in at least one of the following locations: St. Mary's County, Annapolis, Baltimore, or Washington, D.C.

Recent Recipients

2011: Sean Gugerty 
2009: Jessica Gillespie
2008: Emily Beth Hagan
2007: Susan Beaudoin ('08)
2006: Robin Ricks ('07)
2005: Erin Del Collo ('06)
2004: Anya Katrinic ('07)