Justin Rattey '14

Major: Double major in Political Science and Philosophy

Where: Communications Department of the MD Comptroller's Office

When: Monday-Wednesday every week, and anticipate continuing through June and July

What do you expect to learn or get out of your internship experience?

I have learned extensively about how the Department operates, as well as how the Maryland State government functions in general. I have done extensive writing (I've written dozens of articles for publication in the Comptroller's newsletter) and research--into pending/passed legislation, as well as into more general subjects.

I hope that, in the rest of my time at the Comptroller's office, I can better interact with the legislative department to understand some of the important policies that are pushed through its office. I would also like to attend more of the events in Annapolis related to state government (thus far, there have been no hearings worth attending).


Jessica Clayton ’14

Major: Political Science

Where: US PIRG, Southeast Washington, DC

When: May 21-Aug 20th, 2 days per week

What do you expect to learn or get out of your internship experience?

I expect to gain experience in consumer advocacy, specifically advocacy for food, product and drug safety. Specific tasks I foresee myself gaining a better knowledge of include writing blogs, press releases, commenting on legislation, contacting congressional staffers about my organization’s opinion on an issue or bill, and other similar tasks. I am excited to network and make use of the connections I develop through this experience, with that the hope that it will help me find a job relating to food safety after I graduate!


Julia Maas ’15

Major: Double Major Economics and French

Minor: Mathematics and Music

Where: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Washington DC

When: June 4- August 9, 2013

What do you expect to learn or get out of your internship experience?

At the SEC, I work in the Office of Investor Education and Advocacy. For the course of the summer, I am planning the SEC Graduate Program which is a four day program for teachers in which they learn about the securities market, the SEC, and other federal agencies. The goal of the program is to give educators tools and skills which they can bring back to the classroom. I am managing the entire process required to plan and carry-out this program. This will teach me the essential skills of project management which I can apply after I graduate. Overall, I hope to have an educational, out-of-classroom experience learning about working for the government.