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Public Safety

Heath Services

Campus Contacts

Dean of Students 
Roberto N. Ifill 

Director of Public Safety
Sean Tallarico

Director of Counseling Services
Kyle Bishop

Director of Health Services
Linda Wallace

Campus Evacuation

  • Carry out the seven critical responses.
  • Resident students will be directed immediately to their residences no matter the time of day.
  • If during the work day, commuter students and “non-essential” employees will be directed to leave campus.
  • If after hours, notice of the College closing will be posted using official communication sources. No “non-essential” employees or students should come to campus after it has been closed.
  • Resident students with vehicles should check in with the professional staff member working with their residence to inform them whether they are driving to an evacuation site, going home, or being taken to the site by College and state transportation.
  • Resident students without vehicles will be transported to an emergency evacuation site by St. Mary’s County emergency management personnel and/or College personnel, after they check in with the professional staff member working with their residence.
  • When students are not in residence because of breaks, but conference residents are on campus, the same plan will be followed.
  • Individual departments will determine what action they should take before leaving the campus, time permitting. Examples include: Whether or not to cut off gas, electricity, the computer system, etc. Faculty will also make determinations on locations and security of chemicals and animals in labs.
  • The President of the College and/or Emergency Response Team (ERT) will determine when the emergency is over and the campus is open. This information will be disseminated using all appropriate and available methods of communication.