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Bon Appétit Food Services


  1. Essential Personnel – Contact Information
  2. Name



     Dave Sansotta

    General Manager


     Joel Blice

    Director of Operations




    Office Numbers


    Main Office


    Debi’s Office




    All employees will be expected to report to work at regularly scheduled times as long as the weather permits.  The essential personnel will be available as long as needed with other employees asked to volunteer. We will be prepared to ship bulk non-perishable foods such as bread, peanut butter, jelly, fruit, cookies / baked goods and bottled water to the townhouses, apartments, suites, and residence halls. We will resume normal service as soon as possible.  Based on availability of staff and weather conditions, we may have to limit variety and menu selections for the weekend meal periods.

  3. Food – Product Inventory Requirements
  4. We will begin to stock up on our food supply as soon as we are notified of an impending hurricane.  All of our vendors will be notified of additional product and supplies that will be needed.  We will order enough paper supplies for five days of service.  We will purchase additional dry and non-perishable foods such as tomato products, pasta, bread, crackers, fruit, vegetables and deli meats and cheeses.  We will order 100 cases of bottled water in addition to what we already have on hand.  We currently have 200 pounds of charcoal on hand and we will purchase another 200 pounds for delivery at least two days prior to the storm for cooking purposes should it be needed.  We usually have enough food in-house to serve a limited program for two days.   Our walk-in coolers and several other pieces of equipment are operated by the generator in the event of a power outage, it is important to ensure the generator has plenty of fuel.

  5. Service Plan
  6. It is recommended that we close the Upper Deck retail operation beginning the day before the storm is expected to affect our area, and reopen as soon as possible.  This is so we can focus our efforts and use the staff to effectively operate the Great Room and getting food to the residences.  Bon Appétit will operate the Great Room as normal as long as the weather permits.  Food will be transported in bulk to the residences based on the recommendation of Joanne Goldwater.  Menus and program limitations will be based on the number of available staff to help operate the dining room and the amount of product on hand.  This will be determined by General Manager and Director of Operations. Bon Appétit will make every effort to restore normal feeding hours of operation and dining programs as quickly as possible.

  7. Additional Measures
    One to two days before the hurricane, we will fill every beverage cooler we have available with potable water.  Bon Appétit managers will have cell phones.  We are working to gather flashlights and currently have a decent supply of first aid materials to treat minor cuts and injuries.  In the event an evacuation is required, Bon Appétit will let Physical Plant know when they can shut down the gas line and power to the kitchen. 

    Bon Appétit will consider whether or not they can provide food for the families of essential staff and commuters who may be staying on campus before, during and immediately following the hurricane.

    Bon Appétit will give a list of essential staff members who need on-campus housing to the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life at least 48 hours prior to the anticipated arrival of the hurricane.