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Dean of Students 
Roberto N. Ifill 

Director of Public Safety
Sean Tallarico

Director of Counseling Services
Kyle Bishop

Director of Health Services
Linda Wallace


“Take shelter” will be the term used when it is necessary to allow access to buildings on campus in the case of an emergency requiring persons to shelter from adverse external conditions. The operating principle is that buildings will be sources of refuge and should be allowed open access.

Responsibility of the building monitor

Notification of a campus take shelter will be issued by any or all of the following methods:

  • Campus-wide Emergency Alert Signal (Siren w/Voice)
  • Phone call from the Emergency Response Team
  • Email from the Emergency Response Team

Sample alert from the Emergency Response Team:

This is “Jane Doe” from the Emergency Response Team. The campus is notifying everyone to take shelter. Stay alert for updates.

Required Action:

1. Notify the Building Emergency Team to disperse the take shelter instructions.

2. Assign one or more persons to make sure all exterior doors are open access. One-Card activated doors will be unlocked remotely.

3. One or more persons will notify inhabitants to please take shelter in a classroom, office, lab, meeting room or other type of room and:

  • close the door and lock or barricade if possible
  • stay away from windows
  • stay out of sight from the doorway
  • stay alert for an all clear message
4. Once doors are unlocked return to your office and take similar evasive steps but monitor email, phone, and voicemail for further instructions. 5. If able, monitor the doors and halls to make sure everyone is taking the proper precautions.

When the all clear signal is broadcast, the emergency is resolved and classes if in session will resume at the nearest class time period.

A primary objective is for every one to stay safe, including you. If someone is need of assistance and you are able, please help in any way you are able.