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Informational Hurricane Sandy Messages to the Campus Community

Update: Oct 28, 2012 PDF

St. Mary’s College will be closed on Monday, Oct. 29, in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy in our area. This means that classes will be cancelled, and most college facilities will not be in operation. Bon Appetit has organized food distribution, and staff from Residence Life and Public Safety have coordinated with local emergency crews to provide necessary assistance.

If you are not on campus on Sunday night, please remain where you are while the College is closed. Please inform your RA or RHC so that we can account for all our residents.

I encourage you to follow the instructions listed in the “Hurricane Sandy Safety Tips” and “Resident Student Hurricane Preparation Information” on the site. I especially urge you to stay indoors for the duration of the storm, and by no means attempt to enter the Waterfront or any unprotected area on campus. If weather conditions worsen beyond what we anticipate, we may require, rather than urge, all residents to stay indoors and possibly to make room for students who may be stranded on campus.

Please contact your RA or call Public Safety at x4911 to report any accidents, injuries, broken windows, or excessive water. Staff from Physical Plant will provide added assistance where necessary.

If we follow these guidelines, I am confident that we will pass through this difficult time safely.

Dean Ifill Interim Dean of Students

For all students (please share with your parents)
October 26, 2012 PDF

We are monitoring weather reports that project that, over the next few days, Hurricane Sandy may come to shore close to campus, possibly packing winds that may reach 80-90 miles an hour. In the event that these projections are accurate, I would like to strongly encourage you to take every precaution to ensure your safety. A decision has not yet been made about cancelling classes on Monday. We will have to wait to see where the storm tracks and how quickly it is expected to arrive. If you or your parents believe that it would be safer for you to go home until the storm has passed, please let your RA or Residence Hall Coordinator know of your plans, and communicate with your professors and faculty adviser if you expect to miss class on Monday or Advising Day on Tuesday.

Physical Plant staff is working right now to prepare the campus, and to reduce the possibility of flooding or other damage. Should we need to close campus, Bon Appetit has already made preparations to deliver food to the residences.

There is a great deal of valuable information available on the College website that you can find at this link: We will post updates on that page and around campus in the residences, the Campus Center, and academic buildings. In addition, RAs and RHCs will get updated information as it becomes available.

Hurricanes are powerful forces that should not be taken lightly. Good sense and concern for safety should prevail in this situation. If Hurricane Sandy makes a significant appearance on our campus, we may need to lock down the campus and require all students to remain sheltered in place in the residences. Our buildings are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and the Residence Life staff will inform you of a number of ways you can remain safe for the duration of the storm.

In past years, we have heard talk about students planning to go out during a hurricane, or even hosting hurricane parties. Please resist the temptation! Since one cannot predict what will happen in a hurricane, we shouldn’t take any chances. In particular, using alcohol will impair your judgment and affect your ability to react quickly and appropriately to changing situations. We all need to have our best wits about us in the midst of an emergency.

Let’s all get through Sandy safely.
Bert Ifill
Interim Dean of Students