Program Information

Ben Click, Chair
Professor of English

Office staff: 240-895-4225

Faculty Spotlight

Refocusin Chaplin

Professor of English Ben Click's new co-edited volume, Refocusing Chaplin: A Screen Icon through Critical Lenses, was published by Scarecrow Press in Fall 2013. 

Student Spotlight

Maria Smaldone

Maria Smalldone finds doors opening for her in Oxford, while studying at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Faculty and Staff

Photo of Karen Leona Anderson

Karen Leona Anderson
Creative writing, with an emphasis on poetry; poetry and science; 19th- & 20th-century American poetry
Office: Montgomery Hall 102a
Phone Number: (240) 895-2017

Photo of Robin Bates

Robin Bates
Early British literature, especially the 18th century; the novel; cinema studies
Office: Montgomery Hall 06
Phone Number: (240) 895-4852

Photo of Kate Chandler

Kate Chandler
Environmental literature; 18th and 19th-century British literature; composition; the novel
Office: Montgomery Hall 10a
Phone Number: (240) 895-4428

Photo of Beth Charlebois

Beth Charlebois
Shakespeare & Renaissance literature
Office: Montgomery Hall 125
Phone Number: (240) 895-2108

Photo of Ben Click, chair

Ben Click, chair
Composition and rhetoric; American humor
Office: Montgomery Hall 07
Phone Number: (240) 895-4253

Photo of Jennifer Cognard-Black

Jennifer Cognard-Black
19th-century British and American literature; women’s literature and feminist theory; fiction writing
Office: Montgomery Hall 102b
Phone Number: (240) 895-4233

Photo of Jeffrey Lamar Coleman

Jeffrey Lamar Coleman
Contemporary multicultural American literature; African-American literature; literature of the American Civil Rights Movement
Office: Montgomery Hall 124
Phone Number: (240) 895-4240

Photo of Ruth Feingold

Ruth Feingold
Postcolonial literature; 20th-century British literature; cultural studies; gender studies; children's literature
Office: Glendening Hall 234
Phone Number: (240) 895-4388

Photo of Jerry Gabriel

Jerry Gabriel
Creative writing, with an emphasis on fiction; science writing
Office: Glendening Hall
Phone Number: (240) 895-4232

Photo of Michael Glaser, Emeritus

Michael Glaser, Emeritus
Creative writing; general literature; the image of the male in literature and criticism
Office: Goodpaster Hall 155
Phone Number: (240) 895-4239

Photo of Jeffrey Hammond

Jeffrey Hammond
Early American literature; Biblical and classical literature; creative nonfiction; autobiographical writing
Office: Montgomery Hall 126
Phone Number: (240) 895-4241

Photo of Colby Nelson

Colby Nelson
19th- and 20th-century American literature; detective fiction
Office: Montgomery Hall 52
Phone Number: (240) 895-4236

Photo of Brian O'Sullivan

Brian O'Sullivan
Director of the Writing Center; Composition and Rhetoric; British and American Modernism
Office: Montgomery Hall 50
Phone Number: (240) 895-4242

Photo of Donna Richardson, Retired

Donna Richardson, Retired
19th- and 20th-century poetry, especially the British Romantics; mythology; relations of literature to philosophy, science, and music
Office: Montgomery Hall 102d
Phone Number: (240) 895-4234

Photo of Bruce Wilson

Bruce Wilson
Classical and Biblical traditions; East Asian literature; Ikebana; poetry
Office: Montgomery Hall 08
Phone Number: (240) 895-4254

Photo of Christine Wooley

Christine Wooley
Late 18th-early 20th century American literature, African-American literature, the American gothic, sentimental fiction
Office: Montgomery Hall 102c or 122
Phone Number: (240) 895-4441