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Ben Click, Chair
Professor of English

Office staff: 240-895-4225

Faculty Spotlight

Refocusin Chaplin

Professor of English Ben Click's new co-edited volume, Refocusing Chaplin: A Screen Icon through Critical Lenses, was published by Scarecrow Press in Fall 2013. 

Student Spotlight

Maria Smaldone

Maria Smalldone finds doors opening for her in Oxford, while studying at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

(Recently Retired!) Professor of English

Montgomery Hall 102d
(240) 895-4234

Donna Richardson is a graduate of Swarthmore College (B.A.), University of Michigan (M.A. in Education), and Northwestern University (M.A. and Ph.D. in English literature). All this background in English has failed to convert her from being an unreconstructed generalist interested in other languages (Russian, Chinese, and French), other literatures (Russian and Greek), science (geology and biology), philosophy (especially epistemology and the philosophy of science), and the arts (music/opera and art/folk art). During her long and storied career at St. Mary's, she has taught, among other things, the Literature in History II survey, courses in Romanticism and the Godwins/Shelleys, European Romanticism (including War and Peace whenever possible), cross-cultural Romanticism (e.g. Poe, Keats, and Baudelaire), writing for the freelance market, Victorian poetry, and mythology (with an emphasis on Greek, Celtic, and Teutonic). At present, she is enjoying her retirement.