Books that Cook
Professor of English Jennifer Cognard-Black's new book, Books that Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, is being published by NYU Press this August.

Beth Charlebois’s SMPs

I have a special interest in mentoring projects focused on Shakespeare, English Renaissance literature and drama, and Shakespeare on stage and screen. I also welcome projects dealing with drama, from ancient to modern. I tend to mentor projects that involve primary and secondary research and focus on the close reading of texts in their historical contexts. On occasion I mentor creatively-oriented projects, although I ask students to devote a substantial portion of their SMPs to situating their creative work within its literary and historical tradition, giving the creative projects I mentor a critical bent. Students interested in working with me should set up a meeting with me prior to the first semester of their senior year, and will be asked to write a short proposal.

"Romeo and Juliet for Teachers: A Survival Guide," Shelby Mullenix (2013)

"David Mamet's Oleanna: Page to Stage," Jonathan Wagner (2012)

"Hell and Literary Imagination," James O'Keeffe (2011)

"Jesters Do Oft Prove Prophets: The Role of the Fool in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, King Lear, and As You Like It and Relevance to Contemporary Culture," Monica Powell (2011)

"From Ben to Malvolio: a critical-creative examination of Shakespeare’s Malvolio in Twelfth Night," Corey Ahearn (2007)

"Proof educational workshop production," Brian Sekkinger (2007)

Travis Weedon (2007)

Greg Horvitz (2006)

Kristen Spina (2006)

"Selling Shakespeare," Mali Fenton (2004)

"In Search of the Modern Medea," Leslie Fields (2003)