Books that Cook
Professor of English Jennifer Cognard-Black's new book, Books that Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, is being published by NYU Press this August.

Jeffrey Coleman’s SMPs

“Crystal Stair in the Making,” Carrie Brown (2009)

“We Run Things Around Here,” Matthew Koval (2009)

"How did we get here?: A Collection of Short Stories and Reflections," Nicole Carlozo (2008)

"Dictator Poet," Josh Gottlieb-Miller (2008)

"Newsroom: Truth and Spin in America’s Most Prestigious News Network," Greg Holzheimer (2008)

Rashidah Bahar (07)

Hope Jones (07)

Cecelia Peterson (07)

Stephen Turk (07)

Jamie Frey (05)

Meghan Quinn (05)

Alece Kaplan (05)

Lindsay Pack (05)

Katelyn Turner (05)

Johanna Gribble (05)

David Scrivner (04)

Katie Snyder (04)

Joe Hall (04)

Lydia Moges (04)

Eli Park-Yanovitch (04)

"Building a Blockbuster: a Screenplay," William Neal (2003)

"Unleashing Andromeda: Poems," Margaret Rodriguez (2002)

"Grasping at Definition," Mark Gallagher (2001)

"Only Green: Poems," Elizabeth Weller (2001)

"Desiring-Machines: Poems," Creighton McMurray (2000)

"I Am Me: A Collection of Short Stories," Gareth Moore (2000)

"Gender-Sexuality-Cyberspace," Dana Greil (1999)