Books that Cook
Professor of English Jennifer Cognard-Black's new book, Books that Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, is being published by NYU Press this August.

Ruth Feingold’s SMPs

I'm interested in working with students on a variety of topics (as you can see from the list below): my goal is to encourage and enable students to pursue an area of study of interest to them, rather than something that’s a subset of my own research. Having said that, I’ll point out that students working on postcolonial literature, on children’s literature, on literature by or about women, and on 19th-or 20th-century literature and culture more broadly, are going to be tapping into strengths of mine, insofar as it comes to advice. I particularly encourage interdisciplinary work, especially in the areas of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and Asian Studies. I primarily mentor students working on critical and/or analytical projects, although many of them have substantial creative components.


"The Female Characters of the Bronte Sisters: Examples of Subversion of the Perpetrators of the Ideal," Amanda Zelaya (2012)

“An Analysis of Gender-Neutral Language in Postmodern Science Fiction,” Katie Zawodny (2011)

“Gender Messages in Children’s Fairy Tales: An Examination Using Content Coding and Literary Analysis,” Katie Bamberger (co-mentor with Renée Dennison) (2010)

“O Kia Ora!: Maori Literary Identities in the Post-Colonial Era,” Sarah Fiedelholtz (2010)

“Transforming Silence: Feminist Reinterpretation of Father-Daughter Incest in Fairy Tales” Kristin VanBlargan (2010)

“A ‘Rich’ Education: Portrayals of Boarding Schools in Literature and Film,” Sarah Bastien (2009)

“(Re)writing the Maghrébine: Female Coming-of-age in Postcolonial Algeria and Morocco,” Becca Tuttle (2009)

“’You Gotta Go there to Know there’: A Folkloric Journey through Contemporary Literature,” Laura Valdivia (2009)

“Expelling the Demons: A Critical and Creative Exploration of Women’s Confessional Poetry,” Cassie Chaney (2008)

"Coping with Colonization in a Postcolonial World," Catherine Krikstan (2008)

"The Use of the Female Hero in Children's Literature: Lyra's Hero Quest in Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy," Brenna Doyle (2008)

“Women Who Love Women: Towards a New Paradigm of Cross-cultural Gender Theory,” Tiffany Turbin (2008)

"More than just the facts: objectivity, activism, and the formation of community through student journalism," Sarah Barr (2007)

"Chicken tikka masala: literature of the South Asian diaspora in Britain," Rachael Carter (2007)

"Jack: an illustrated children’s story," Jessica Powell (2007)

"Readers like you: culture and the magazine," in combination with Spot (the magazine), Elizabeth Van Fleet (2007)

"Uncovering Terroir: The Distinctiveness of Places," Liz Bergstrom (2005)

"Open Water: An Undergraduate Journal in the Social Sciences," Hannah Faddis (2005)

"Magical Realism: Reclaiming and Redefining Experience in a Postcolonial World," Stephen McGraw (2005)

Keep on Moving: a Documentary View of Feminism at St. Mary’s, Lauren Strange (2005)

"The Family Narrative: Building Community through Story," Erica Helland (2004)

"Dreamers, Storytellers, and Authors: the Role of Fantasy in Women's Fiction," Sarah Hughes (2004)

"The Burial of the Dead: a novel," Andrew Ross (2004)

"Lingua Liquida: Language in Flux," Nicole Ring (2003)

"Queering Wilde: Reinventing Identity Politics," Daniel Williford (2003)

"Miscellaneous Writings [and] The Solitary Librarian: 12 New Songs," Matthew Perzinski (2002)

"Race and Education in America," Ilana Sabban (2001)

"Different Ways of Speaking: The Expression of Japanese Women in Art and Literature," Teresa Houk (2001)

"Lifewriting: Recontextualizing the Act of Autobiographical Speech: Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street, hook’s Bone Black, and Kingston’s The Woman Warrior," Sarah Mercure (2000)