Books that Cook
Professor of English Jennifer Cognard-Black's new book, Books that Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal, is being published by NYU Press this August.

Jeff Hammond’s SMPs

I am comfortable mentoring SMPs in both literary/cultural studies and nonfiction writing. My expertise and interests tend to run toward older texts and contexts (early American, earlier British, biblical, classical). Nonfiction SMPs might include creative/literary nonfiction, popular journalism, and autobiographical writing.

"Discomfort and Growth: Reflections on a Semester in West Africa," Hannah Brown (2013)

"Bracing Myself: A Series of Creative Non-Fiction Essays Exploring My Experience with Scoliosis," Emily Burdeshaw (2013)

"Say Three Hail Marys and Call Me in the Morning: Reflections on Spirituality, Religion, Creativity, and Family," Lindsey Siferd (2013)

"Holy Contemplation: Communing with Ancient Spirituality Contemporarily," Elizabeth Bookhultz (2012)

"Place, Space, and Face: Essays on Teaching in Modern China," Nona Landis (2011)

"Women in the Gospel of Luke: A Socio-Rhetorical Study," Rachel Peffer (2011)

“A Modern Bestiary,” Dani Barnsley (2009)

“Mind Games: Depression and My Life,” Rachel Deitz (2009)

"Lost and Found in the Night Sky," Sullivan, Meghan (2008)

"Neither Here Nor There: 
Reflections on a Semester Abroad," Isberg, Stephanie (2008)

"And Many Beautiful Things: An Italian-American Family Memoir," Ingold, Amanda (2008)

"Beyond the Trojan Horse: Stories of Women in the Trojan War," Graham, Ashley (2008)

"Things We Keep," Brad Dittrich (2007)

"Free State," Anya Katrinic (2007)

"Highway Girl: My Mother’s Story," Karyn Sailstad (2007)

"Struggle of Bats and Foxes: Essays on a Caucasian-American Family," Amalia Snowdon (2007)

"Take Me by the Hand," Carter Woodruff (2007)

"Questions Not Answers: Living with Schizoaffective Disorder," Janice Chan (2006)

"Finding Space: Autobiographical Essays on the Experience of Place," Christine Dickler (2006)

"My Semester as a Wildlife Trainer: a Real-life Look inside the Student Teaching Experience," Mary Gardiner (2006)

"Stories from the Walk-In Freezer," Julia Blair (2005)

"Waterview: Home on the Chesapeake," Claire Cambardella (2005)

"Right Thing to Do," Kerri Thompson Frank (2005)

"New England Pines & Southern Magnolias: a Strange Grafting of Family Trees," Kaitlin Griener (2005)

"Boy's Trip , a Man's Journey: an Ethiopian-American Story," Tesfaye Negussie (2005)

"Ongoing Stories: an Exploration into Celtic Mythology," Jeffrey Tolbert (2005)

"Crossing Bridges," Betsy Coulbourne (2004)

"The Beachers," Rachel Larsen (2004)

"The London Girl," Jennifer Lemmert (2004)

"The African Necklace," Suzanne Newman (2004)

"The Back Seat of my Mother's Car," Thomas Weaver (2004)

"Melville and the Problem of Evil," Jeffrey Skarin (2003)

"Chickens, Stars, and Dirt: Family Essays," Janna Slack (2003)

"The Tao of Joe: Autobiography as Perspective and Catharsis," Joseph Cosgrove (2003)

"Six Women: Family Stories," Melissa Mrozek (2003)

"Charlotte Shearin: ‘Writing from Nature'," Charlotte Shearin (2003)

"Ten Thousand Miles of Bugs: Essays from the Road," Johanna Costa (2002)

"Seven Spiritual Songs: A Modern Day Expression of Faith," Gregory Walker (2002)

"Choosing Enclosures," Xico Manarollo (2001)

"Writing, Editing, and the English Major," Carolina Calonje (2001)

"My Life as a Character," Tyson Strang (2001)

"Memories of a Catholic Boyhood," Joseph Persinger (1999)