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Polar Bear Plunge


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Master Planning

Master Plan Components

Given the comprehensive nature of the project the new campus master plan is being broken down into three distinct elements.  Below is a broad description of these elements.

1.     Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan is a quantitative plan that defines space needs and infrastructure improvements. The Capital Improvement Plan will result in a preferred capital project implementation strategy defining the specific projects to be pursued over the next 10 – 15 years. The table below shows the major projects described in the previous 1999 Capital Improvement Plan.

Masterplan Process Status

2.     Campus Plan

The Campus Plan is a qualitative plan that provides a framework for land-use and defines guiding principles for campus development.  The focus of the Campus Plan will be on the layout of the built and natural elements of the campus as well as the design characteristics. The Campus Plan defines the character of the college, describing not only aesthetic characteristics but also how the campus layout will influence quality of campus spaces.   

3.     Landscape Master Plan and Arboretum

The Landscape Master Plan and Arboretum focuses specifically on the natural elements of the campus environment. The focus of the Landscape Master Plan and Arboretum will be on planting strategies, ecological stewardship, and grounds maintenance issues. The Landscape Master Plan and Arboretum will also provide preliminary conceptual designs for future outdoor spaces including courtyards, gardens, quads and open green spaces.