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Collection on St. Mary's County and Maryland

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Summary Information

St. Mary's College of Maryland Archives
Collection on St. Mary's County and Maryland
4 Linear feet in 8 boxes
Artifical collection created by the St. Mary's College of Maryland Archive, capturing ephemeral materials and small print-run publications related to St. Mary's County, Maryland as well as Maryland history.

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Scope and Contents note

Artificial collection created by the St. Mary's College of Maryland Archive, capturing ephemeral materials and small print-run publications related to St. Mary's County, Maryland as well as Maryland history. For other published materials, small print-run publications which are already bound, and Maryland-related periodicals, see the Maryland Collection of the St. Mary's College of Maryland Library.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

St. Mary's College of Maryland Archives 2014

Conditions Governing Access note

Collection is open without restriction.

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Collection Inventory

Drawer Folder

Leonard Town Herald. Newspaper. Published by Francis M. Jarboe. Vol. I, No. I. First edition only [Photocopy] [Duke University does hold one issue from 1840] 1839 December 25 

4 1

Saint Mary's Beacon. Newspaper. Vol. II, No. 10 [Photocopy] 1846 August 27 

4 1
Box Folder

St. Mary's County, Maryland in the 1790 Census [printed in 1907] 1790, 1907 

1 1

St. Mary's Female Seminary listed on the U.S. Census [seminary does not appear to be listed in the 1860, 1870, 1900, or 1910 Census] 1850, 1880 

1 2

St. Mary's Female Seminary in the St. Mary's Beacon newspaper [notes] 1857-1889, 2014 

1 3

St. Mary's County, Maryland in the 1860 Census [printed and compiled on another date] 1860 

1 4

"Diary of Rose Stettinius Gray (Mrs. John B. Gray), written 1883-1888, 1893, 1895, 1899, 1908, 1914, 1916, 1918-1920," transcribed by Gale Burwell et al 1883-1920, 1993 

1 5

"A biological study of the offshore waters of Chesapeake Bay" by Raymond Bridgman Cowles 1930 

1 6

Saint Maries City Tercentenary Program. Includes pictures of Clocker's Fancy, Howard house, Porto Bello, Cross Manor, Woodlawn, Clavert's Rest, McKay House, Smith's Creek House, Tudor Hall, Mulberry Fields, Susquehanna, Deep Falls, Cedar Park, Charlesgift, Mulberry Grove, Habre de Venture, Mount Airy/Dower House, Belair, Poplar Hill, De La Brooke, and White Hall 1934 June 15-16 

1 7

"Photographic Glimpses of Maryland." Includes scenes from St. Mary's Female Seminary, Cross Manor, Tudor Hall, Mt. Airy / Dower House, La Grange, Stag Hall, Mulberry Grove, St. Paul's Church at Baden, and Old Christ Church at Chaptico Undated (after 1934) 

Scope and Contents note

Book compiled by St. Mary's Seminarian (as evidenced by yellow and black binding thread), but with a cover and photographs that appear professionally printed. Hand-written descriptions. Interestingly, calls the hill leading to Church Point "The Ravine."

Marcia Hall, Hood College, 1997

1 8

"Sport fishing in Maryland" by Reginald V Truitt. 1938 

1 9

"Trees of Maryland" by Joseph F Kaylor 1946 

1 10

"The Maryland act of religious toleration : an interpretation" by Gerald W. Johnson 1949 

1 11

"Agricultural Maryland : a sketch of free state farming" by John P. Trimmer Abt. 1947 

1 12

"Maryland : 'America in Miniature'" 1950 

1 13

"Maryland's historic state house" possibly 1951 

1 14

"Our underwater farm." Maryland. State Department of Education. 1953 

1 15

"In Memorium: Aloysius Fenwick King." Entered into the record of the Circuit Court for Saint Mary's County, Maryland 1953 September 21 

1 16

"This is our wealth," Maryland State Department of Education 1957 

1 17

"Good news about citizens, towns and villages of St. Mary's County, Maryland" by Joseph Mitchell Johnson circa 1960s 

1 18

"Great moments in Maryland's History : three centuries of historical events" 1961 

1 19

"A history of St. Francis Xavier Roman Catholic Church (Old Newtown), the Manor of Little Breton, St. Mary's County, Maryland" by Edwin Warfield Beitzell 1962 

1 20

"The Ancient and honorable mechanical company of Baltimore, 1763-1963" by Carl N Everstine 1963 

1 21

"The counties of Maryland and Baltimore City: their origin, growth, and development, 1634-1963" 1963 April 

1 22

Production of Oysters by County.... [in Maryland] 1963-1964 

1 23

"A Program for Comprehensive Planning and Development in the Capital Region" 1965 December 15 

1 24

"Sotterley, St. Mary's County, Maryland : built circa 1725 : a working plantation since early colonial times : home of the Bowles, Plater, Briscoe, and Satterlee families." Bet. 1965-1985 

1 25

"St. Mary's : Mother County of Maryland," a guidebook, Board of St. Mary's County Commissioners, St. Mary's County Economic Develepment Committee about 1966 Summer 

1 26

"Maryland's Labor Force : Source Tables for Counties, 1960, and 1950-1960 Change." Department of Agricultural and Extension Education, University of Maryland, College Park 1966 

1 27

"The Day The American Revolution Ended," speech by Governor J. Millard Tawes on the 182nd Anniversary of the Ratification of the Treaty of Paris 1966 January 14 

1 28

Five poems by Joseph Shane, Randallstown, Maryland: "Twentieth Century Man" (1966), "Mod" (1966), "In The Nothingness Beyond The Pale," "The Search" (1967), "I Shall Become" 1966 - before 1972 October 10 

1 29

"A History of St. Mary's County. Mother County of Maryland" by Charles E. Fenwick 1970 

1 30

"Maryland Standards for Four-Year Colleges and Universities." Maryland State Department of Education 1967 July 

1 31

"The Pickers of Anne Arundel County" by Chipman W. Cunningham. Describes the culture of temporary fruit and vegetable pickers, many of whom were Polish, and "brass picker's checks." about 1970s 

1 32

"Candidates Who Filed For Office : St. Mary's County, Maryland : Primary Election : September 15, 1970" 1970 

1 33

"Ask me! (about Maryland); a geography of Maryland," by Vera A Foster Rollo. Maryland Historical Press 1970 

1 34

"Target '70 : 1970 Political Profile of Maryland," prepared by the Republican State Central Committee of Maryland 1970 July 22 

1 35

"Epistle from Paul, the Bishop, to the Christians in St. Mary's City. Subject: Oysters." Letter written by Rev. Paul Moore Jr., Suffragan Bishop, Diocese of Washington 1970 February 17 

2 1

"Strange Occurances in St. Mary's County" by Noel C. Nelson and Linda J. Gott. Includes: Mary Lee, Moll Dyer, Mouldy Dyer, Aunt Mellie Hazel, Fenwick Inn, Tom White, Ghost of Trinity Church, "Uncle" Didon, Father J.M. Johnson of St. John's Church in Hollwood, The Haunted Woods at Westbury Manor, Quitchem's Bottom and the Legend of Lover's Lane, the Clock of Tudor Hall, Horsehead Road, and Cry Baby Bridge. 1971 December 16 

2 2

"Christ Chuch : Chaptico, Maryland : The Story of An Old Church" by Robert E. T. Pogue circa 1972 

2 3

"Population and Personal Income in Southern Maryland." Tri-County Council for Southern Maryland 1972 May 

2 4

Citizens Free Press, Vol III, No. 16. Published by Citizens For Progress. St. Mary's County self-published newspaper concerning the African American experience 1972 August 6 

2 5

"The Transformation of the Chesapeake Labor System, 1680-1710" by Russell R. Menard 1972 September 

2 6

"Annual Report and Recommendations : Maryland Council for Higher Education" 1973, 1975 

2 7

"Initial Impressions on the Southward Facing Banks of St. Mary's City, Maryland" by Leif F. Gulbrandsen, Chestertown, Maryland. Concerns Church Point. not before 1973 

2 8

"Metropolis of Maryland [St. Mary's City]" by Lois Green Carr; "St. John's: Archaeological Questions and Answers" by Gary Wheeler Stone; one page story about Historic St. Mary's City, in Maryland Historical Magazine, Vol 69: 2 1974 Summer 

2 9

"Influencing Education Policy-Making in Maryland" by Robert F. Carbone and John E. Splaine 1975 July 

2 10

"Portrait of Miss Lettie, First Lady of Maryland public education, Superintendent of Schools, St. Mary's County, Maryland, 1928-1958" by Kathryn Curley Abt. 1976 

2 11

"A Comprehensive Study of Youth Services and Youth Needs"; by the St. Mary's County Youth Commission for the St. Mary's County Commissioners"; Frank D. van Aalst, Chairman; Robert Wentworth, Executive Secretary. 1976 March 18 

2 12

St. Clement's Island. A Plan for an Appropriate Observance of the 350th Anniversary of the founding of the State of Maryland. St. Clement's Island-Potomac River Museum 1982 

Scope and Contents note


2 13

"Just Like Old Times" compiled by Jane Bradford, et al. Authored by students of the St. Mary's Public Schools Program for the Academically Gifted, in honor of Maryland's 350th Birthday 1983 

Scope and Contents note


2 14

"Across the water : The founding of Maryland" song lyric by Joseph Norris 1983 

2 15

"Ode to a Lunch Bowl: The Atlantic Lunch as an Interface Between St. Mary's County, Maryland, and Washington, D.C." by George L. Miller in Northeast Historical Archaeology, Vol 13: 1. 1984 

2 16

"Old St. George's" 1984 

2 17

A Relation of the successefull beginnings of the Lord Baltemore's plantation in Mary-land 1634, 1984 

2 18

"A pictorial history of the Saint Inigoes Mission : 1634-1984" by Fr. Francis Walsh 1984 

2 19

"Sir George's great idea" by Jane Bradford and Ann Richards 1987 

2 20

"Our Childhood Memories" by the children of William Parran and Blanche Victoria (Redmond) Combs 1988 

2 21

"World Famous : St. Mary's County National Oyster Cook-Off : Leonardtown, Maryland : Special Edition : Tenth Annual Award Winning Recipes" 1989 

3 1

"Archaeological investigations at Susquehanna : a 19th century farm complex aboard Patuxent River Naval Air Station, St. Mary’s County, Maryland," by Julia A. King. Second edition. 1989 December 

3 2

"St. John's Parish : the same yesterday, today and tomorrow" 1990 

3 3

"1991 Directory of Holy Face Church : Great Mills" 1991 

3 4

"The Davis Family of St. George's Island, Maryland" by Lloyd J. Davis Abt. 1991 

3 5

"Sacred Heart Church : Bushwood, Maryland : 1755-1994" 1994 

3 6

Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Bushwood, Md., burial register 1994 October 19 

3 7

"St. Michael's Church : Ridge, Md. : 1929-1996" 1996 

3 8

"The Teaching Sisters of St. Mary's County, Maryland" by R. Kevin Potter. Convent of the Sisters of Saint Joseph at Saint Michael's in Ridge, Maryland 2000 

3 9

"Keeping the Wolf From the Door : Notes on a Confederate Soldier of Saint Mary's County Maryland : James Dallas Evans : 1844-1917" by James Dallas Bart Evans 2001 January 30 

3 10

"The Rose Croft" by Jane R. Hartge 2001 

3 11

"St. Michael's Catholic Church : Ridge, Md."; The Mass for the 85th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Harford in St. Mary's County, 2007; The Mass for the 90th Anniversary of the Opening of Saint Michael's Elementary School, 2008 2002, 2007 August 26, 2008 September 21 

3 12

"Maryland Oyster Restoration : Harvest Closure Areas." Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Fisheries Service, Shellfish Division 2002 October 

3 13

"St. Mary's County. Embracing Progress...." Seven minute information video about St. Mary's County 2004 

3 14

"Molinography of Maryland : St. Mary's Chapter" by John W. McGrain [CD-r and printed manuscript]. Catalog of all historic records of mills in St. Mary's County 2008 February 29 

3 15

"Maryland's Slovak Colony" in St. Mary's City, by Loretta Groves; "The Resurrection of St. Nicholas Cemetery" at Cedar Point, now Patuxent River Naval Base, by Emma Ditman. Both in the Fall 2008 edition of the Catholic Historical Society of Washington journal 2008 Fall 

3 16

"Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage : 2009 Tours." St. Mary's County estates include Cornerstone, Tolerance, Saint Marie's, St. Mary's Herb Garden, Garden of Remembrance, May Russell Lodge, Clocker's Fancy, and Rose Croft 2009 

3 17

"With all deliberate speed : one high school's story" documentary on DVD by Merideth M. Taylor. Integration of Great Mills High School 2009 

3 18

"St. Mary's Female Seminary, 1850-1889" by Linda Reno. Combines Linda Reno's own genealogical research with students of the early Seminary. Student lists taken from alumni catalog, newspaper articles, the 1850 Census, and the 1880 Census 2009 December 16 

Box Folder

"Holocene geologic history of the Patuxent estuary and its archeological implications : report to Maryland Historical Trust" by Steve Wilke, Jim Demarest, William Hoyt, Robert Stuckenrath 1981 June 

4 1

"Acid rain--does it threaten Maryland? : Saturday, April 24, 1982 : summary." Maryland. State Water Quality Advisory Committee. 1982 April 24 

4 2

"Beekeeping in Maryland" by Alfred Dietz. University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin 223 1968,1971 

4 3

"Maryland Rivers Study : Preliminary Draft" prepared by Joseph DiBello and Evelyn Swimmer. State of Maryland. Department of Natural Resources; U.S. Department of the Interior. National Park Service. Mid-Atlantic Regional Office 1982 December 

4 4

Environmental Concern, Inc. flyer. Organization is based in St. Michaels, Md. After 1972 

4 5

"Coastal land policies : a guide to state programs that influence land management in Maryland's coastal areas ..." Coastal Zone Management Program (Md.); University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service. Includes 24 information sheets 1979 

4 6

"Photoarchaeological Analysis of Potomac River Fish Traps" by Carl H Strandberg; Ray Tomlinson. In American Antiquity, v34 n3 (19690701): 312-319 1969 

4 7

EPA Chesapeake Bay Program : Citizens Steering Committee : Final Report 1982 Fall 

4 8

"A Selection of the Work of Entropy Research" by D.C. de Packh. The St. Mary's Creative Arts Forum. undated 

4 9

"Immigration : The Facts You Need To Know : A seminar for legislators and policymakers." The Governor's Commissions on Asian Pcific American Affairs, Hispanic Affairs, Migratory and Seasonal Farm Labor, and The Maryland Office for New Americans 2004 January 20 

4 10

"Immigration Forum 2005 : A seminar for legislators and policy makers." The Executive Office of Governor's Commissions within the Department of Human Resources. The Governor's Commissions on Asian Pcific American Affairs, Hispanic Affairs, Migratory and Seasonal Farm Labor, and The Maryland Office for New Americans, Maryland Commission for Women, and The Maryland Advisory Council for New Americans 2005 January 19 

4 11

" Maryland : report to the Maryland General Assembly." Presented by the Task Force on High Speed Networks. 1999 December 31 

4 12

"The Beacon." Baltimore Environmental Center [periodical] 1978 March; 1978 June 

4 13

"The Osprey." Newsletter of the Southern Maryland Audubon Society [periodical] 1979-1983 

4 14

"Chesapeake Bay Foundation news." [periodical] 1980-1982 

4 15

"Coast & bay bylines." Maryland. Tidewater Administration. Coastal Resources Division.; Maryland. Energy & Coastal Zone Administration. Coastal Zone Unit. [periodical] 1979-1983 

4 16

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Annual Reports, published in the Chesapeake Bay Journal 1979, 1980, 1981 

4 17

Maryland Department of Natural Resources press releases. Titled "Natural Resources Assistance and Information News." [28 items] 1980 April - 1981 September 

5 1

Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Waildlife Administration press releases [7 items] circa 1981-1982 

5 2

Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Police Force press release, re: "spotlighting" [1 item] undated 

5 3

Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Administation press releases [46 items] 1980 

5 4

Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Office of the Secretary press releases [15 items] 1980-1982 

5 5

Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Water Resources Administration press releases [13 items] 1980-1981 

5 6

WRA Reports. Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources, Water Resources Administration [periodical] 1980-1983 

5 7

"Know St. Mary's County." Provisional League of Women Voters 1977 October 

5 8

"The Generator." St. Mary's County Genealogical Society 2013-2014 

5 9

[Directory of St. Mary's County graveyards, prviate and public] Printout of a database. Creator of database is unknown. 129 graveyards are listed. Document is rich with information about extant and non-extant graveyards and cemeteries in St. Mary's County. [2 copies] 1994 September 15 

5 10

"1798 Profile of St. Mary's County" by Regina Hammett 1972 

5 11

"Ridge, Maryland : Diary of St. Michael's rectory : 1915-1932" by Fr. LaFarge et al 1915-1932 

5 12

Draft Research Deisgn report, Phase 4, St. Mary's County historic sites survey : St. Inigoes (1st) and Milestown (7th) Districts. By Kirk Edwards Ranzetta, Saint Mary's County. Department of Planning and Zoning. 1997 July 

5 13

"Food Resources of the Chesapeake Bay," by Regina Hammett. Student paper (received an A), contains extensive bibliography and footnotes 1972 April 

5 14

"A Woman and Her Story" by Nadya Drury. Student paper about author's grandmother, Anita Guyther Swann, born 20 May 1889 in Piney Point. 1976 May 4 

5 15

"The History of the Hammett Family : The Family Line from Robert Hammett of the 1600's to Thomas Johnson Hammett (1885-1964)" by Joseph A. Kleponis 1993 June 27  

5 16

"The Beitzel Family" by Edwin Warfield Beitzell [photocopy] 1948 May 15 

5 17

"1982 Census of Agriculture : Preliminary Report : St. Mary's County, Md." United States Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census 1983 September 

5 18

"The New Telephone Company : Leonardtown, Maryland : (October 1952)." Booklet accompanying the Telephone Operators Reunion. Booklet includes a reprint of the "Telephone Communication in St. Mary's County" chapter in Regina Hammett's "History of St. Mary's County," as well as photographs 2002 November 13  

5 19

"Wilbur Lee Harman : On My 80th Birthday," short autobiography of the former caretaker of Sotterley Plantation and Cremona Farms 1993 February 3  

5 20

"Maryland Agricultural Statistics : Summary for 1988." Maryland Department of Agriculture 1988 

5 21

Burial Register: St. Joseph's Cemetery, Morganza, Md. Hand-written ledger. 1812-1937; 1990 January 

6 1

Burial Register: St. Michael's Catholic Church Cemetery, Ridge, Md. Print-out of database. 1994 October 19  

6 2

Burial Register: Sacred Heart Cemetery, Bushwood, Md. Print-out of database. 1985 September; 1994 October 26  

6 3

"St. Mary's County Records on Microfilm at Hall of Records, Annapolis." Notecards transcribed by M. Regina Combs Hammett 

6 4

"Tax Assessment Records 1793, 1794, 1795, 1796, 1801, 1812, 1821, 1826." Unclear if this is for the entirety of St. Mary's County, or only select families and estates. Print-out. 6 pages 1793-1826 

6 5

Death Notices in St. Mary's County Newspapers, organized alphabetically by year 1920-1930 (missing 1922 and 1929) 

6 6

"St. Mary's County Chamber of Commerce : Business Directory" 1984 

6 7

Saint Mary's County : Maryland's 350th Anniversary : Birthplace of Religious Freedom : 1634-1984. Calendar. 1984 

6 8

St. Mary's County Commissioners shelf list of contents (ledger books); St. Mary's County Records; St. Mary's County Register of Wills shelf list; Land Records of St. Mary's County 1639-1790; St. Mary's County Circuit Court itemized list of records (1980 January 25); St. Mary's County Circuit Court accessions inventory; Records transferred from St. Mary's County to Hall of Records in Annapolis (1979 October 11); "Genealogical Sources in St. Mary's County Courthouse" 1975 June (except where noted) 

6 9

Lists of St. Mary's County Deputy Commissary/Register of Wills and Clerks of the Circuit Court/County Clerk 1658-1977 

6 10

"John Sanner of St. Mary's County, Maryland and his Descendants." Chapter from 'The Sanner Family in the U.S.A.' by Wilmer Mackey Sanner 1968 

6 11

"Maryland's Four Hundred Monument rededication." Maryland. Governor's Commission on Maryland Military Monument. Brooklyn, New York, Prospect Park 1991 August 27 

6 12

1794 Militia of St. Mary's County, compiled by M. Regina Combs Hammett 1794 

6 13

"Random Recollections - Madalyn Kurtz." Short autobiography of a public health nurse, who began work in St. Mary's County in April of 1941 1970 

6 14

Burial Register: Old St. John's Roman Catholic Church, Hollywood 1986 October 

6 15

Burial Register: St. Nicholas Cemetery, Cedar Pt. [partial] 1910-1942 

6 16

Burial Register: St. Andrew's Episcopal Cemetery, Leonardtown 1790-1977; 1995 March 13 

6 17

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Ridge 1835-1974 

6 18

Maryland Line Confederate Soldiers Home Register, St. Mary's County and Charles County only 1981 March 31 

6 19

"A Guide to historic Episcopal churches of Southern Maryland, 1634-1984" 1984 

6 20

"A History of Great Mills, Maryland" [by Regina Combs Hammett.] Typed student paper with extensive footnotes [1971] 

6 21

"St. Mary's County : Postcard History Series" by Karen L. Grubber 2015 

6 22

"Storm of the century, March 6-7, 1962, and the recovery. Pictures from the Sun, the Evening Sun and the Sunday Sun magazine and story, brought up to date, from the magazine with many new photographs." 1962 

6 23

Property Owners of Pax River Naval Air Station, 1942 (from "Patuxent River Naval Air Station Cultural Resources Survey" by Dennis J. Pogue) 1942, 1983 April 

7 1

St. Mary's County maps at the Library of Congress [from Regina Hammett's notes] 1981 June 18 

7 2

"Chaptico : a history of St. Mary's County's fourth district" by Jospeh Norris [1983] 

7 3

St. Mary's Countians and Charles County residents in the Maryland Line Conferderate Soldiers Home, Pikesville, Md. Compiled by Regina Hammett 1888-1917, 1981 February 20 

Scope and Contents note

St. Mary's County: John W. Thompson, William F. Perry, Thoams A. Jones, Chilton A. Keech, Selden F. Crask, Benjamin Gough, Joseph F. Cryer, Vincent Camalier, M.A.K. Tippett, George B.P. Taylor. Charles County: Wm. P. Compton, Thomas N. Highfield, H.H. Bean, William Pl. Compton.

7 4

"The Teaching Sisters of St. Mary's County : Honoring 115 Years of Service : August 27, 1885 to August 26, 2000." Sisters of Saint Joseph at Saint Michael's in Ridge 2000 August 26 

7 5

"First Friendship Methodist Church of Ridge : (Formerly Friendship Methodist Church) : History 1855-1966" by Pastor Roby H. Eastridge 1966 December 31 

7 6

"Present at the 'Creation': The Chesapeake World That Greeted the Maryland Colonists" by J. Frederick Fausz and "'With promise of Liberty in Religion': The Catholic Lords Baltimore and Toleration in Seventeenth-Century Maryland, 1634-1692" by John D. Krugler in Maryland Historical Magazine 79:1 1984 Spring 

7 7

"Clifton Factory, 1810-1860" by Bayly Ellen Marks in Maryland Historical Magazine 1985 Spring 

7 8

"Esperanza Middle School Presents The Sotterley Project : A Year-long Activity in the 8th Grade Extended Classroom Program for Academically Gifted Students During the 1985-1986 School Year" 1986 

7 9

"One Hundredth Anniversary : 1887-1987 : Little Flower School : Great Mills, Maryland" 1987 

7 10

"The First Fifty Years : Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative" 1987 

7 11

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