Service - Learning  Semester

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Signature Semester

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Academic Program in The Gambia

The PEACE program currently offers two semesters of study at the University of The Gambia (UTG) each year.  The signature semester corresponds with the fall or first semester in the United States.  The service-learning semester corresponds with the spring or second semester in the United States.

All PEACE program participants who live in The Gambia for a semester study one of two local Gambian languages: Wolof or Mandinka.  The majority of students undertake learning one of the languages through the four credit SMCM course ANTH 150, Gambian languages and Culture

All participants are expected to write a series of five short reflection papers over the course of the semester that are reviewed by PEACE program director Bill Roberts, coordinator Yamai Secka-Jack, language coordinator Baboucarr Jallow, and UTG academic liaison Ansumana Darboe.  For SMCM students, these papers may serve as the foundation for writing a final reflection paper submitted to the Associate Dean for the Core Curriculum and First Year Experience (include URL site).

A seven week field studies program is offered every other summer in years that end with an even number.  The field studies program features two research sites: an urban site at the SMCM residence in Kanifing and a rural site in the ancient Mandinka village of Brefet in Foni district.

All students who live and study in The Gambia with the PEACE program must read and agree to live by the guidelines for respectful and appropriate behavior outlined in the Social Contract.