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A list of locations and recommended vaccinations by the CDC

The Gambia


A brief introduction to the geography, climate, language and history of the Gambia

Emergency Protocol and Contacts

Emergency Protocol

Yamai Secka-Jack will act as SMCM’s resident coordinator (RC). She will serve as the primary contact for students in the Gambia in the event of an emergency and will work with SMCM faculty and administrators as necessary.

On arrival in the Gambia, all faculty and students must register with the United States Embassy to be given a security briefing, which can be in the form of a written document. This way, they can also be included in the Warden system (a notification system) and benefit from it in case of serious emergencies such as a major disaster, civil strip, or a coup d’etat. (This registration will be facilitated during the orientation session.)

The SMCM compound in Kanifing Estates will serve as the main gathering place in the event of an emergency. In case of a coup or civil strife, affected parties are advised to stay where they are, if they are not threatened, until they hear from an Embassy Warden.

All faculty and students need to follow the personal health and safety standards prescribed by SMCM or its representatives.

In case of an emergency, the resident coordinator should be contacted who in turn will contact the Embassy Duty Officer and SMCM officials depending on the gravity of the situation. Upon receipt of the call, the RC should obtain information on the full name, location, contact number of caller and the affected party/parties. The RC will assist in implementing guidelines or instructions from SMCM officials.

First aid assistance needs to be provided by a qualified medical practitioner. If emergency medical care is needed, contact International SOS’s alarm center to activate the company’s assistance and insurance. The Embassy duty officer should also be contacted if it is a serious injury or dire emergency. If it is an illness that is not life threatening, then one of the approved doctors should be contacted and transportation facilitated. You may also contact International SOS for medical referral. 

The affected party/parties need to be followed up on by the RC until they are okay or medically evacuated to the USA and confirmation of their arrival received from St. Mary’s College.


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