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The Gambia


A brief introduction to the geography, climate, language and history of the Gambia

Field School 1996

In 1996, Professor Bill Roberts from the Department of Anthropology at St. Mary's College of Maryland led the first group of 10 St. Mary's College students to The Gambia, West Africa. Students stayed in The Gambia for either four or six weeks. During this time they studied the basics of the Mandinka language and social etiquette, and met with Gambians who talked about the country's history, economy, family life, religion, health services and education. After a one-week trip to the rural areas east of the Kombo region on the coast, students returned and carried out their individual research and service-learning projects on a wide variety of topics. These reports were published in a book: Tubabs Under the Baobab: Study and Adventure in West Africa. (PDF)

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