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The Gambia


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Everything you need and want to know about studying abroad in The Gambia

The Gambia Field Study Program

May 19 - July 9, 2012

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The PEACE program began in 1996 as The Gambia, West Africa Study Tour.   There have been eight field studies programs over the intervening years, and it has evolved so that every other year students have an opportunity to conduct first-hand research in an area of interest in The Gambia.  Students who successfully complete the seven week program earn eight upper-level anthropology credits, or, four upper-level anthropology credits and four upper-level psychology credits.  In other words, the program is approximately equivalent to one-half semester of course work.

The next field studies program is scheduled to take place in 2012.  The approximate dates are May 19 – July 9, 2012 (52 days).

When applying to the program (deadline January 27, 2012) students must decide which site is more appropriate to their interests: the urban site in Kanifing or the rural site in Brefet village, approximately 60 kilometers east of Kanifing.  The two sites are described after a brief overview of the program.

 An intensive three-day orientation for the entire group takes place after students arrive in country.  Upon completion, those students who elect to live and learn in the rural, more “traditional” Gambia travel to Brefet village in Foni district.  Those students whose research interests are better suited to the urban area closer to the capital of Banjul and the University of The Gambia, move into the SMCM residence in Kanifing.

Although a single, eight-credit course, students receive instruction in a Gambian language (Mandinka or Wolof) and culture, write reflection papers, and turn in a final research paper on a topic they have developed in consultation with a faculty mentor and supported by Gambian resource people.  Additionally, students travel and spend several days in the Serahulie village of Bajakunda, Wuli district, Upper River Region, with director Bill Roberts, with stops in Janjangbureh, Juffure and Albreda on their return to where they live.  There is also an end of the program trip to Gorée Island just before students return to the United States.

Applications are due January 27, 2012  and should be accompanied by a $500 deposit. Click here for application material.