Vaccination Info

vaccine and needle

A list of locations and recommended vaccinations by the CDC

The Gambia


A brief introduction to the geography, climate, language and history of the Gambia

Mandinka and Wolof Vocabulary 

Gambian Languages: Mandinka, Wolof and English help you communicate with people. Click here for an essential vocabulary(PDF version)

Some essential words and phrases are listed below. 

Wolof---to English 

  • Nakam---Hello. 
  • Jamun Gam?---How are you?
  • Jama Rek---I am fine.
  • Naka Subaci---Good morning. 
  • Naka Beket Bi---Good afternoon.
  • Naka Ngonci---Good evening. 
  • Fanan Jama---Good night. 
  • Ci Jama---Goodbye. 
  • Naka Wa Ker Ga?---How is your family?
  • Nyunci Jama---They are fine.
  • Nakaga Tuda?---What is your name? 
  • Sama Tur Lamin La---My name is Lamin
  • Foy-Dem?---Where are you going? 

Mandinka---to English 

  • Kairabe---Hello.
  • Ibe Nyaadi ---How are you?
  • Mbe Kairato---I am fine.
  • Isama---Good morning
  • Itinyau---Good afternoon.
  • Iwurara---Good evening. 
  • Suto Yediya---Good night
  • Fowati Koten---Goodbye.
  • Sumolu Le?---How is the family?
  • Tana Tela ---They are fine.
  • Itoudi/Itodun? ---What is your name?
  • Ntomu Lamin Leti ---My name is Lamin
  • Ikata Minto?---Where are you going? 

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