Gambia Study Series

Professor David Gable

Works written by Professor David Gamble.

The Gambia


A brief introduction to the geography, climate, language and history of the Gambia


In 1996, Professor Bill Roberts led 10 St. Mary’s College students to The Gambia for a six week field study program that is documented in the book, Tubabs Under the Baobab: Study and Adventure in West Africa.Up Country

From this initial experience, an extraordinary biennial field study program took root that offers undergraduates a superb opportunity to learn more about the most maligned continent in the world, Africa. In seven full weeks, students face and meet the personal challenges of learning to live and work in a society unlike any they’ve experienced before.

Each student undertakes an individual research project, and guided by Professor Roberts, O'Donnell or Gijpatn and a Gambian mentor, provides information that serves a specific need expressed by Gambians in such fields as public health, environment, wildlife, or education.

Research projects are edited and published after each field study program in The Gambia. A list of publications are found below. In addition, the works of David Gamble, a prominent Anthropologist is listed below.