The Gambia


A brief introduction to the geography, climate, language and history of the Gambia

University of the Gambia

UTGThis section of the guidebook is composed of four parts. The first is practical information for the SMCM exchange student about registering, attending classes, and transferring credit. The second part involves information about the UTG itself, providing a short history of the university as well statistics about various aspects of the UTG. The third section is dedicated to reporting what Gambians think about what it means to be a UTG student. Finally, the fourth part includes maps and plans of UTG-affiliated buildings.

Section 1: Information for SMCM exchange students

Section 2: Information about UTG

Section 3: What it means to be a Gambian UTG student

Section 4: Maps and plan of UTG-affiliated buildings

Visit UTG's website here.

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