Program Highlight

Working near the Hexamilion Wall in Isthmia, 2008

One of our early evening seminars in the village of Ancient Korinth, at Café Marinos, overlooking the Korinthian Gulf, while discussing Aeschylus' plays.


Photo Galleries

Students on SMP Presentation Day

Although clothed and with shoes, we recreate a footrace at the original stadium at Nemea.  Professor Taber did retain from ancient times, however, the threat that cheaters would be beaten. Click here to see photos from previous tours.



Applications are processed on a rolling basis, with an absolute deadline of January 24.  Those considering applying should know that in the six times we have run this study tour, we have never taken more than 20 students on any one trip.  While Greece accommodates many more travelers each year, our seminars there do not. And for the 2014 study tour, slots were filled by early January.

Those who would like to communicate with alumni of the study tour, in order to get students' perspective can contact me for a list of names and e-mail addresses. I stay in regular touch with study tour alumni, sending out links to the occasional news article, updates about some of the Greek friends we make, or just to playfully embarrass each other with a photo someone's come across.

Although most of the students have been from St. Mary's College of Maryland, we have enjoyed getting to know fellow students from such places as Cal State--Fulllerton, University of Alaska at Anchorage, University of Maryland at College Park, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Point Park University, Elizabethtown College, Western Connecticut State University, and the University of Idaho, Friendships have developed lasting many years.

To apply to the program, download the application form (MS WORD), and send the completed form to:

Michael Taber, Margaret Brent Hall 102, phone: x4900 (240-895-4900)