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Who We Are

We are a group of trained Peer Health Educators.

Peer Health Educators


Ali-Sex/sexual health, stress, relationship/friendship conflict, mental health

Bianca-Sex/sexual health, mental health, fitness/wellness, sexual violence

Dylan-Sexual issues, mental health, roommate conflict, substances

Gillian-Relationships/communication, sexual health, stress

Glenna-Sex/sexual health, mental health, substances

Helena-Mental health, stress, relationships, sex/sexual health

Liza-Sex/sexual health, family & relationship issues, stress/academic issues

Mae-Sex, mental health, roommate/friendship issues, body image issues

Natalie- Sex/sexual health, relationships, mental health, drugs, alcohol

Nicole-Anxiety/stress, conflict resolution, sex/sexual health, mental health

Olivia-LGBTQ issues, sex/sexual health, mental health, career issues

Stefania- Sexual health, anxiety & mental health, time management