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Welcome back to campus and to Spring 2014!

Remember, flu season continues through May so be aware of healthy prevention practices:

Fight the Flu/Conquer the Cold!

  • Cough/sneeze etiquette
  • Frequent hand-washing!
  • Aim for 8 hours of sleep
  • Snack on fruits/veggies often; lots of water
  • Protect your skin- use moisturizer and lip balm

Still time to get a flu shot from local pharmacies, Target, Walmart, etc.

Remember spring showers bring May flowers!! These "May flowers" bring watery eyes, red noses, sore throats and sneezes.  Allergy meds and allergy hygiene practices can help.

On & Off Campus Resources

Info & Support Formal Complaints Criminal Investigation Information Sharing Level
Sexual Assault Avocate 240-895-4289

SMCM First Responder Network 301-904-2015


Office of Public Safety 240-895-4911

Counseling Services/ Health Sevices 240-895-4289

Strictly Confidential
Office of Residence Life 240-895-4207

Office of Student Conduct 240-895-3181
Dean of Students Office 240-895-4208 Private
Academic Services 240-895-4388

Title IX Coordinator 240-895-4388
St. Mary's Hospital 301-475-8991

Calvert Memorial Hospital 410-535-4000

Maryland State Police 410-475-8955

St. Mary's County Sherriff 410-475-4200 x1900

Walden Sierra 302-863-6661 (Crisis)

MCASA       410-974-4507

The SoMD Center for Family Advocacy 301-373-4141


Information Sharing Levels:

Strictly Confidential reports: Information will not be shared with anyone else without explicit permission of the individual involved except in rare and extreme situations (such as a major threat to the campus). In such a case, steps will be taken to protect the person’s identity.

Anonymous reports: A report of the incident will be shared with the Sexual Assault/Wellness Advocate and the Title IX Coordinator. Any identifying information in these reports will be excluded.

Private reports: The information, including the identity of those involved, will be shared with the Sexual Assault/Wellness Advocate, Title IX coordinator, Student Conduct Officer, Public Safety, Dean of Students office, and relevant administrators.

Redacted reports: Information may be available to the public, with identifying information removed, in accordance with state laws.

Levels of Support:

Support Service: Our support services include counseling, advocacy, medical services, forensic exams, academic changes, residential adjustments, no-contact orders, and an opportunity to express concerns. 

Formal Complaint:  A formal complaint will trigger a formal investigation of the incident and can lead to a student conduct hearing.

Criminal Investigation: The incident will be investigated by local law enforcement and participate in legal action. This may be done with or without pursuing a formal complaint on campus.