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First Responder Network

Call or text any time, 24/7: 301-904-2015

First Responders

 2012-2013 First Responders

Time Commitment


  • Maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Be available for some on-call shifts every month
  • Maintain an acceptable degree of conduct, both on and off duty


  • Provide on-call services (survivor accompaniment, support, referrals and follow-up)
  • Carry - AT ALL TIMES - the designated First Responder Network cell phone while on-call
  • While on-call, permitted to continue with the day's personal activities and errands, as long as they do not involve alcohol and/or drug use and are within reasonable distance to campus in the case of in-person accompaniment
  • Keep a record of all contact made while on-call, including services offered
  • Attend necessary refresher courses and/or SARP in-services for updated policies and procedures

Useful Links

FRN phone number

The First Responders are available to conduct presentations and trainings - contact Meghan Root at for details.