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Refund and Withdrawal Policies

Refund Policy

The official date of withdrawal or drop, which is the date a course change is presented to the Registrar's Office, will be the basis for computation of refund. Courses that are canceled by the College will be refunded at 100%. Students who withdraw from the College will receive a refund in accordance with a fixed refund schedule. It is important to note that if a student withdraws while receiving need-based financial aid, the financial aid may have to be repaid.

To receive a refund, current students must fill out a refund request form and forward it to the Business Office. Graduating seniors and other non-active students will automatically be refunded excess funds. Other refunds can result when accounts are cleared. Refunds are processed through the Business Office and should be received within two weeks of refund request date.

Refund Schedule

Refund Request Form

This form may be printed and mailed to the Business Office. All refunds will be mailed to the student's local address during the semester. Any refunds processed between the spring and fall semesters will be mailed to the student's permanent address on record. Refunds that are to be mailed to an address other than the local or permanent address must be processed using the mail-in form.

Withdrawal Policy

Policy statement in development

Return of Title IV Grant or Loan Aid

A summary of the requirements under 668.22 for the return of Title IV grant or loan assistance is in development.