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Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference

On March 29 at George Washington University, four Saint Mary's students will present their research at the Phi Alpha Theta Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. The history department wishes them the best of luck.

SMP Spotlight

Lawrence MacCurtain, "Rhapsody in Red: Classical Music and American Wartime Perceptions of the Soviet Union," 2011.  

"My SMP experience was both challenging and rewarding.  While considering the role of Russian classical music in shaping popular American perceptions of the USSR during WWII, I had the opportunity to conduct exciting research.  I was able to discover unique primary sources at the archives of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Bobst Library at NYU.  Ultimately, my historical findings were surprising and provocative." 


History Alumni

History alums who would like to be added to this list should contact Chuck Holden.

Recent News:

Matt Anthony (SMCM '13) has been accepted into the Ph.D. program in American Studies at The College of William and Mary.

Dylan Cahn (SMCM '13) has been accepted into a Ph.D. program in history at Ohio State University, to start in the Fall.

Larry MacCurtain (SMCM '11) published "Rhapsody in Red: Shostakovich and American Wartime Perceptions of the Soviet Union" in the recent special issue on "Music and the Other" in Patterns in Prejudice, an interdisciplinary academic journal published by Taylor and Francis in the United Kingdom. MacCurtain's article began as a Saint Mary's Project under the direction of Dr. Tom Barrett.




Three SMCM alumni, now completing their doctoral degrees in history, attended the American Historical Association's annual convention in New Orleans in January, 2013. From left to right: Jeremy Young '06, Matt Pembleton '03, and Dr. Nathan Crowe, '03.

Congratulations to Dr. Jonathan Robins (SMCM '04) for earning his doctorate in the History of 19th and 20th Century British Imperialism from the University of Rochester!

Congratulations to Dr. Nathan Crowe (SMCM '03) for earning his doctorate in the History of Science from the University of Minnesota!


Class of 2011

Brendan McCarthy is working on his Ph.D. in History at the Ohio State University.

Frank McGough is pursuing his Ph.D. in History at the Ohio State University.

Class of 2010

Matt Foerster is currently interning in the Office of Presidential Correspondence at the White House.

Class of 2009

John Campbell is working at the USS Constellation in the Baltimore Inner Harbor as a costumed interpreter.

Perry Colvin previously interned at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. and worked on a show on the War of 1812.  He currently pursues his Ph.D. in History at Auburn University. 

Jordan Grant is working on his Ph.D. in History at American University.

Monica Kim won a Fullbright Fellowship and is currently teaching English in Yilan, Taiwan as part of the program.

Seth LaShier is working on his Ph.D. in History at George Washington University.

Class of 2008

Ashley Berkant is getting an MA in European/Women and Gender History at Villanova University.

Chrissy Holt completed a one-year M.Ed program at the University of Maryland and is now a 7th Grade Social Studies teacher at Swansboro Middle School in Swansboro, NC.

Margaret Schuster recently received her J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law in 2011. 

Class of 2007

Devin Carlson is a 1st Lt. in the USMC.

Tiffany Deutscher is completing an MA in European History at Monmouth University in NJ and applying for Ph.D programs in Russian History.

Emily Ewers is attending graduate school in the Slavic Languages and Literature Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

John Johnson graduated from the Washington College of Law at American University. He now works at Benjamin L. England & Associates where he specializes in food and drug law.

Travis Johnson is serving in the environmental sector of the Peace Corps in Dawu, Ghana.

Chris Vorhis was admitted as a Robertson Fellow for Government by the University of Maryland's School of Public Policy's Master of Public Policy program and is currently studying International Security and Economic Policy.

Class of 2006

Parker Bennett is working in the Peace Corps in Cameroon. She teaches English and is the faculty supervisor of the English Club at a lycee in the Northern Province.

Donald Johnson attended the Winterhur Program in Early American Culture at the University of Delaware and is currently at Northwestern University starting his Ph.D. degree.

Bridget McVae Johnson got an MA in Nautical Archaeology from Texas A&M  and is currently working for a cultural resources firm as a historian and nautical archaeologist.

Kate Wersan is working on her Ph.D. in History at the University of Wisconsin. 

Jeremy Young is pursuing his Ph.D. in History at the University of Indiana.

Class of 2005

Laura Brianne Coons received her MAT from Goucher College and teaches history at Winters Mill High School in Westminster, Maryland.

Jen Maliszewski got an MA from George Washington University in Musem  Studies and is working as a contractor at the National Air and Space Museum.

Erin McSpadden taught English, grades 3-6 in the Peace Corps at the Velyki Komiaty Secondary School in Velyki Komiaty, Ukraine.

Class of 2004

Melissa Adams got her MAT from Johns Hopkins and teaches 9th grade English and Yearbook at Gaithersburg High School in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Michael Church is attending graduate school at the University of Montana, Department of Geography.

Kathleen Fichtel received an MA in 2006 from Salisbury University in Ancient Roman History.  She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at West Virginia University, majoring in the British Empire, with minors in African history, Geography, and World History.  Kathleen teaches Western Civilizations as part of the program.  In the summer of 2008 she traveled to Malawi with her adviser to participate in an NSF-funded research project as well as complete research for her dissertation.

Class of 2003

Louise Cather traveled to Oxford, England to study Roman History in Britain. After her overseas adventures, she returned to Maryland to work as a long term substitute teacher at Margaret Brent Middle School. She began the Master's Program in American History at the University of Maryland in Fall 2007.

Larissa Eustice graduated from Cornell University Law School and has joined the Litigation Department of Kaye Scholer, LLC in Manhattan, NYC.

Mollie Freilicher traveled around Eastern Europe before beginning work as a paralegal in Washington, DC. After volunteering for Casey Trees, an organization devoted to restoring the city's tree coverage, she decided to pursue a masters in urban forestry at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. She will complete her science degree in December 2008.

Jesse McDonough is the General Manager and a Bicycle Tour Guide for Bike the Big Apple ( ), a company that does historical and cultural bike tours of New York City.

Matt Pembleton is working on his Ph.D. in History at American University.

Class of 2002

Travis W. Poole attended the University of Baltimore School of Law and is now an Associate with Poole & Kane, P.A. in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Class of 2000

Jason Proetorius is attending the George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs.

David Ryden graduated from the T. C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond and has served as the Commonwealth Attorney in Salem, Virginia and Public Defender in Richmond, Virginia.  He is currently the Assistant State's Attorney for Harford County, Maryland.