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Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference

On March 29 at George Washington University, four Saint Mary's students will present their research at the Phi Alpha Theta Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. The history department wishes them the best of luck.

Program Highlight

Historic St. Mary's City

The Colonial History Concentration takes advantage of our special relationship with Historic St. Mary's City, the first capital of Maryland and a colonial archeological site, research facility, and museum.


SMP Spotlight

Matt Anthony, "Pickin' Up the Pieces: Country-rock and the End of the Sixties," 2013.

“My St. Mary's Project offered a way for me to merge my love of popular music with my research interests. Working closely with my mentor, Dr. Chuck Holden, gave me an in-depth insight into the work of an historian. I had the opportunity to pursue research avenues that are not typically part of the undergraduate experience, including archival work at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives in Cleveland, Ohio, and conducting oral histories with several performers from the 1960s and 1970s. Even after a year of thorough research and writing, my SMP left me feeling that I have only scratched the surface of a very rich topic which I hope will be the basis of further study as I enter graduate school."




Garrey Dennie
Associate Professor of History

Photo of Garrey Dennie

Departments: History
Office: Kent Hall, Room 302
Phone: (240) 895-4408

Spring 2013 Courses

  • HIST 104: History Foundations Modern World to 1450
  • HIST 369: History of Apartheid

Previous Courses

  • HIST 104: Historical Foundations of the Modern World
  • HIST 360: African Civ. to 1800
  • HIST 361: African Civ. 1800-1900
  • HIST 369: History of Apartheid
  • HIST 400: Comparative Slave Systems
  • HIST 401: Caribbean Experience
  • HIST 419: African American History in the US
  • HIST 455: Global Topics - Latin America: Revolution and Change in the 20th Century
  • HIST 475: Topics in Global, Thematic History: Race, Disease, and Medicine in African History.  
  • HIST 490: Theories and Uses of History
  • HIST 493: St. Mary's Project

Personal Information

Garrey Dennie
History Department
18952 E. Fisher Road
St. Mary's College of Maryland
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