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Phi Alpha Theta Regional Conference

On March 29 at George Washington University, four Saint Mary's students will present their research at the Phi Alpha Theta Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. The history department wishes them the best of luck.

Program highlight

Historic St. Mary's City

The Colonial History Concentration takes advantage of our special relationship with Historic St. Mary’s City, the first capital of Maryland and a colonial archeological site, research facility, and museum.


Alumni Spotlight

Students at Phi Alpha Theta party

The SMP introduced me to self-guided research and thesis writing. With complete latitude on my topic, I joyfully researched for months. Unfortunately, I spent so much time researching I had very little for writing. The amazing and through help of Professor Savage help me hone my writing skills. While challenging, the SMP experience gave me confidence in my research abilities and writing skills that I will use in graduate school.

-John Johnson, Class of 2007

St. Mary's Projects - Spring 2014

2014 SMPs

SMP students and their mentors. From left to right: Adriana Brodsky, Evan Kelley, Tom Barrett, Ben Israel, Gail Savage, and Matt Phillips

Evan Kelley: "Mobilizing Families: Politicizing Men, Women, & Children in Peronist Argentina." Mentor: Adriana Brodsky

Ben Israel: "Laughing for Lenin: Comedy and Satire in the Soviet Union During NEP." Mentor: Tom Barrett

Matthew Phillips: "Moltke and Schlieffen's Pupil: August von Mackensen and the German Victories in the East, 1914-1916." Mentor: Gail Savage

2014 SMPs

Steven Gentry: "A Conversation across Space and Time: Astounding Science Fiction and Its Portrayal of Cold War Themes." Mentor: Tom Barrett

2014 SMPs

Arianna Pray: "Myth, Women, and Megara." Mentor: Linda Hall

2014 SMPs

Left to right: Sharon Miyagawa, Gail Savage, Garrey Dennie, and Sam DiDonato

Sharon Miyagawa: "Pulled Together, Pushed part: Why an International Sex Reform Movement in the Early 20th Century was Impossible." Mentor: Gail Savage

Sam DiDonato: "History of Medicine in Cuba, 1860-2000." Mentor: Garrey Dennie

2014 SMPs

Samantha Cameron: "Next Year in Jerusalem: Historical Fiction and the Jewish Exodus Out of Baghdad." Mentor: Betul Basaran

St. Mary's Projects - Spring 2013

Matt Anthony: "Pickin' Up the Pieces: Country-rock and the End of the Sixties." Mentor: Chuck Holden

Chelsea Bradcovich: "Justifications of the Fourth Crusade: A Venetian Vendetta, a Byzantine Plan, or Boniface's Revenge." Mentor: Linda Hall

Paul Christenson: "Social Studies: The Forgotten Subject?" Mentor: David Morris

Drew Gordon: "The Gap: Prosperity and Poverty in the Cumberland Mountains." Mentor: Ken Cohen

Sean Jenkins-Houk:"'It Has Come Down to the Triarii': The Last Line of Defense of the Roman Republican." Mentor: Linda Hall

Hanzi Lu: "Full Circle: An Ordinary Family in the Early People's Republic of China." Mentor: Charlie Musgrove

Martin McGowen: "Mind, Body, and Spirit: New Approaches to Oral Roberts' Life and Legacy." Mentor: Katharina von Kellenbach

Ame Roberts: "'We Found a Witch! May We Burn Her?!': Community Policing Gone Awry in Early Modern Europe and Post 9/11 America." Mentor: Christine Adams

Dayne Robillard: "Sisters of the Kokutai: Perceptions of Imperial Japanese Rule Over Okinawa Through the Eyes od Two Ryukyuan Women." Mentor: Charlie Musgrove

Charles Sutherland: "Forging New Chains: Labor Unionism, Rioting, and the Development of the Working Class in Baltimore, 1835-1920." Mentor: Ken Cohen

Michael P. Wilburn: "'There is No Glory for Our Profession': The Experiences of Surgeons and Nurses in the American Civil War." Mentor: Gail Savage

Jonathan Weber: "Protection of the Realm: The Military vs Islam in Turkey." Mentor: Matt Fehrs

Gabriel Young: "'Was it All a Dream?': The Experience and Appropriation of Youth in Early Twentieth-Century Zionism" Mentor: Adriana Brodsky


St. Mary's Projects - Spring 2012

Ariella Azoulay: "'Witchcrafts, Strange and Wonderful': A Study of Witch Trials in Early Modern England." Mentor: Gail Savage

Lex Cosenze: "Beyond Black and White: Left-Hand Path Magic and the Virtue of Evil." Mentor: Christine Adams

Holly Fabbri: "A Murder in St. Mary's County: Domestic Violence and Male Honor in a Southern Community." Mentor: Ken Cohen

Monica Louzon: "Many Shapes, One Creed: Jesuit Church Architecture in Colonial Argentina and Early Federal Maryland." Mentor: Ken Cohen

Kalyn L. Sheilds: "Augustus's Women: The Imperial Woman at the Foundation of the Roman Empire." Mentor: Linda Hall

St. Mary's Projects - Spring 2011

Megan Anderson: "That Which Remains: The Interplay of Memory, Fact, and Fiction in Holocaust Remembrance." Mentor: Christine Adams

Beth Bowers: "Islamic Imperialism: The Effects of Seventh Century Expansionist Policies." Mentor: Betul Basaran

Blair Dugan: "Between the Sheets: 'A Comparison of Pirates in Literature and History.'" Mentor: Ken Cohen

Eric Horowitz: "Eurydice and Extravaganza: Staging Greco-Roman Myth in Italian Opera." Mentor: Deborah Lawrence

Chris Ingraham: "A Protestant Raider: Richard Ingle and Maryland's Plundering Time." Mentor: Ken Cohen

Megan Lantz: "The Nazi Classroom: Hitler's Impact on the Education of Germany's Children in the Third Reich." Mentor: Christine Adams

Lawrence MacCurtain: "Rhapsody in Red: Classical Music and American Wartime Perceptions of the Soviet Union." Mentor: Tom Barrett

Heather Marchione: "From Death Stick to Torch of Freedom: Gender, Cigarettes, and Social Order in the Early 1900s."  Mentor: Chuck Holden

Sarah Shipley: "Palestine's Censored History: Engendering the War of 1948 Through Her Eyes." Mentor: Betul Basaran

Mike Youngborg: "Children of the Sidewalk-and-Gutter Generation: Feminism, Ethnicity and American-Jewish Identity in the 1960s." Mentor: Adriana Brodsky


St. Mary's Projects - Fall 2010

Daniel Harding: "The Legion's Left Hand: Late Roman Cavalry."  Mentor: Linda J. Hall

Christopher C. Lyford: "An American Experiment: How Two Generations of Immigrants Conceptualized and Communicated American Identity." Mentor: Ken Cohen

Brendan McCarthy: "Ethnicity and the Administration of Roman Spain: From Scipio to Caesar." Mentor: Linda J. Hall

Frank McGough: "Byzantium and the West: Byzantine Imperial Ideology and the Ruin of Empire." Mentor: Linda J. Hall


St. Mary's Projects - Spring 2010

Andrew Bruckner: "Progress: How the Economic Development of British East Africa Benefited the Native Population."  Mentor: Gail Savage

Brennan J. Davis: "Function vs. Fashion: The Extent of Literacy in Roman Society."  Mentor: Linda Hall

Matt Foerster: "Where Loyalty Lies: German versus Christian Identity in Interwar Germany, 1928-1939."  Mentor: Christine Adams

John Hawkins: "The Quest for the Real Arthur: An Inquiry into the Arthurian Legend and its Variations."  Mentor: Gail Savage

Rebecca Kaisler: "Living Truths in Dying Times: A Social Examination of Plague in Early Modern England."  Mentor: Gail Savage

Melissa Mercer: "Crafting a Character: Theatre and Performance in Colonial Annapolis, 1748-1774."  Mentor: Ken Cohen

Zinash Seyoum: "Soccer, Development, and International Aid (1904-2010): The Case of South Africa."  Mentor: Garey Dennie

Karen Lynn Stark: "The Spear of Longinus: Crusader Sanctity and Politics."  Mentor: Linda Hall

Kyle Wichtendahl: "Lincoln in London: Abraham Lincoln and Anglo-Americanism in the Early 20th Century."  Mentor: Gail Savage

Olivia Williams: "'Eatables': Food and the Politics of Memory at a Point Lookout Prison."  Mentor: Chuck Holden

St. Mary's Projects - Spring 2009

Perry Colvin: "Visions of Airpower: Winston Churchill and the Birth of the Royal Air Force, 1908-1922."  Mentor: Gail Savage

Michael Ennis: "Teaching Colonial Maryland to an Eighth Grade Social Studies Class: Lesson Plans, Handouts, Quizzes and Test."  Mentor: Adriana Brodsky

Joseph Francella: "Liberal (?) Maryland Politics in an Age of Sprawl and Civil Rights."  Mentor: Chuck Holden

Jordan Grant: "The Civil Disorder that Never Happened: Analyzing the Press Coverage Surrounding Cambridge, Maryland's Great Fire, 1967."  Mentor: Chuck Holden 

Ashton Habighurst: "The Quest for Chinese Modernity: An Analysis of May Fourth Literature in the Wake of Western Imperialism."  Mentor: Charlie Musgrove

Benjamin Hancock: "The Alchemy of Esoteric Wisdom: Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy."  Mentor: Jeff Hammond

Monica Kim: "The Model Modern Woman: The Construction of the Chinese Woman through Mass Print Advertising in Early Twentieth-Century Shanghai."  Mentor: Charlie Musgrove

Seth LaShier: "The Awakened Class: A History of the Maryland Farmers' Alliance, 1889-1900."  Mentor: Chuck Holden

Sophie Latham: "Thawing Ponds and Dying Tobacco: Land and Climate Change in Baden, Maryland."  Mentor: Ken Cohen

Mariela Mata-Bautista: "Living with the Saints: Viviendo con los Santos Dominican Republic."  Mentor: Garrey Dennie

Geneva Rogers: "Suppression and Recovery of Historical Memory: The Case of New York's African Burial Ground."  Mentor: Garrey Dennie

Patrick Schwarz: "Magic in the Roman Empire: Wandering Egyptians, Magical Jews, and the Other Wonders of the Ancient Mediterranean."  Mentor: Linda Hall

Christian Skipper: "Eye of the Beholder: Looking at the Eleventh Century through the Eyes of Anna Comnena."  Mentor: Christine Adams

Paige Spencer: "The Leading Men of Black Baltimore and the Construction of Masculine Identity, 1870-1895."  Mentor: Garrey Dennie

Julia Toman: "A Comparison of Jewish and Christian Medical Practices in the Middle Ages in Western Europe."  Mentor: Adriana Brodsky


St. Mary's Projects - Spring 2008

2008 smp day

Sam Aikens: "The Empire Founded on Smoke: Bacon's Rebellion and the Creation of Chesapeake Plantation Culture."  Advisor: Garrey Dennie

Ashley Berkant: "Christians, Cathars, and Counts: Raymond VI and the Albigensian Crusade."  Advisor: Christine Adams

Tara Brown: "Are We Degenerate from Our Ancestors? Southern Views of the Founding Fathers during the Civil War."  Advisor: Chuck Holden

Keith Buzby: "The Political and Economic Development of St. Mary's County, 1940-68."  Advisor: Chuck Holden

Luke Henninger: "The Logistics of Napoleonic Warfare."  Advisor: Christine Adams

Michael Kelly: "Constantine's Conquest of Evil."  Advisor: Linda Hall

Margaret Schuster: "Women's Voices in the French Revolution: Variety of Perceptions as Explored through the Crafting of Historical Fiction."  Advisor: Christine Adams

Paul Snider: "The Effects of Athenian Democracy on Warfare."  Advisor: Linda Hall