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HR Office

Physical Plant Department

On-Call Standard Operating Procedures

Purpose: To establish Standard Operating Procedures for on-call Physical Plant staff.

Public Safety Dispatcher shall contact on-call staff when an emergency exists.  An emergency exists when:

  • Thereis an imminent threat to life or safety or
  • Extensive damage to college property will or may occur or
  • A major campus activity or operation is/will be significantly impacted

From 5:00pm to 8:00am on weekdays and around-the-clock (24hours) on week-ends, holidays, and Spring break and Christmas break, the Physical Plant Department has the following staff on-call:

  • Building Trades Mechanic
  • HVAC Mechanic

Public Safety Dispatcher shall request on-call Building Trades Mechanic only for the following emergencies

  • Unsecured windows and/or doors
  • Lock-ins or lock-outs involving persons
  • Smoke detectors, horn/strobe and pull station malfunction or failures

Public Safety Dispatcher shall request HVAC Mechanic only for the following emergencies:

  • Loss of heat or air-conditioning
  • Plumbing, fire alarms or sprinkler system failures/leaks or river storage pit alarm
  • Loss of electrical power. In addition to contacting the on-call mechanic, the dispatcher should also immediately contact SMECO.

If on-call staff is unsure how to respond to the Public Safety Dispatcher, s/he should contact their immediate supervisor.

  • Must report to the Public Safety Office within seventy five (75) minutes of being contacted (weather permitting) by Public Safety Dispatcher.  The public safety log will serve as the official written documentation for entrance into a student's residence.
  • See Standard Operating Procedure for "Entering Student's Room Procedures".
  • During regular duty hours, submit Work Order to cover actions.

Cell Phone and Pager

  • On-call staff must carry a cell phone and pager at all times or keep them within hearing distance.
  • On-call staff shall ensure their cell phone is turned on and the battery is charged.
  • On-call staff shall ensure their pager is turned on.
  • Assistant Director for Building Trades and Projects shall be responsible for preparing and updating a current and accurate on-call list.  The list shall contain the names of on-call staff and their specialty along with their cell phone number and pager number.  The Director of the Physical Plant must approve any change to on-call list.
  • A monthly on-call list will be maintained.  Assignments are for a period of one (1) week (8:00am Wednesday morning until the following Wednesday morning 8:00am).
  • Assistant Director of the Physical Plant is responsible for ensuring that a current on-call list is provided to Public Safety.

On-Call Staff AreRequired to Respond to Public Safety Dispatcher

  • Public Safety Dispatcher will call on-call staff in this order:
    • Home Phone – If no answer, Public Safety Dispatcher will call,
    • Pager– If no response after fifteen (15) minutes, Public Safety Dispatcher will call,
    • Cell Phone – If no response, Public Safety Dispatcher calls the Director of the Physical Plant.
  • After being contacted by Public Safety Dispatcher, staff has a maximum of seventy five (75) minutes (weather permitting) to make entry in Public Safety desk journal.
  • If staff does not arrive at the Public Safety Officer within seventy five (75) minutes, Public Safety Dispatcher calls the Director of the Physical Plant.

The College's intent is to limit, as much as practical, the requirement to re-call staff back to campus.

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