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Purpose:  To provide procedures to be followed when entering a student's room to perform repairs and maintenance.

The College reserves the right to inspect living spaces at any time and to provide maintenance and repair services for its plant property.  It is also understood that students have a general expectation of privacy while residing on campus.

For general maintenance and repair purposes, staff may enter a student's room without first receiving permission from the occupant's only if:

  • The room is unoccupied, and
  • the staff member is responding to a work order generated by either the occupants, the Resident

Assistant, a Residence Life staff member, or the Physical Plant supervisor.

All Staff members must have specific written authorization to enter a living space occupied by students. At no time shall a staff member enter a student's residence without specific written authorization.  If a Resident Assistant (RA) calls in an after-hours emergency request, the RA should be asked to escort the Staff member while in the living space.

In order to properly enter a living space;

  • Knock on the door loudly and wait several seconds for response.  The occupants may be sleeping, in the shower, or on the phone.   Allow sufficient time for the occupants to respond.   Use the pass key only after knocking a second time and waiting again for a response.
  • If there is no response after the second knock, open the door with the key and announce "College Staff" in a loud voice.   If it appears that the occupant may be in the bathroom, immediately leave the space and return later.
  • Staff reserves the right to protect and repair college property.  If in their best judgment the work needs to be done promptly to avoid further damage or delay, they may insist that the work be performed after allowing the occupants some reasonable time to make themselves and their space presentable.

Between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, staff will expect that residents will reasonably accommodate efforts to respond to the work order.  If the staff is turned away due to a legitimate need, such as illness of a resident, etc. the work will be rescheduled.  If the work cannot be completed when rescheduled, the order will be closed out and the residents will be instructed to re-submit the work order when the space is available.

Emergency Procedures if a staff member believes a potentially life-threatening situation exists or if illegal activity may be occurring in the room:

Contact Public Safety immediately at extension 4911 and describe in detail the circumstances of the situation.  Do not intervene in a dispute unless physical restraint is necessary to prevent bodily harm.  Do not conduct any search for illegal activity.  Stand by to assist Public Safety and other authorities.  If necessary, the Public Safety officers can obtain a search warrant, providing there is reasonable "probable cause."  Public Safety Officers will also assist local police in executing search warrants as needed.

This policy is enacted to protect students from physical harm, respect their privacy to the maximum extent possible, and protect employees from potential complaints of harassment and other forms of serious misconduct.