St. Mary's College of Maryland

Scheduling Your Mock Interview

You will be responsible for scheduling your mock interview. This involves contacting all of the members of your personal committee and finding a time when you can all meet for the interview.

Things to keep in mind when scheduling your interview...

  • You must have chosen your non-HSAC faculty advisors prior to scheduling the interview.
  • You should aim to schedule your mock interview for at least several weeks prior to your first professional school interview.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to start scheduling the interview! It may be a while before you and all of your advisors will be free at the same time, so allow a lot of wiggle room in trying to coordinate schedules.
    • Remember that your advisors are probably just as busy as you are!
  • You need to be a go-getter when it comes to planning this interview.
    • Like many other aspects of your professional school application process, your advisor will not be there to remind you and keep you on your toes while planning the interview.
    • The mock interview is meant to be a helping tool for your own benefit, so make sure you take advantage of it to its full extent!

Learn more about the mock interview and how to prepare!

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