St. Mary's College of Maryland

Mock Interview: Common Questions

  • So why do you want to come to our (insert program here) school? This is a bit different than why do you want to be a doctor and should make the student realize they should know something about the school they are applying to as well as themselves.
  • How has attending a small public liberal arts college enhanced your preparation for the health sciences?
  • How has participating in: sports, student government, clubs, etc., helped you to realize that medicine is the career path for you. Connections to make: teamwork, business end of medicine, leadership, life long learning, problems solving, that you like people, curious, etc..
  • Describe three strengths you feel you will bring to this field of medicine.
  • Describe a time when you failed and how it made you feel?
  • Tell us about your weaknesses and what you are doing to address them?
  • Tell us about your practical experiences in health care?
  • Describe a health problem you feel exists on campus and what you would do as a student leader to help with that problem?
  • Describe one major health problem that our society faces and what you think should be done about it?
  • Explain your thoughts on abortion, euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, antibiotic abuse/misuse, stem cell research, 60 year old women having babies, obesity, type II diabetes, diet supplements for weight control or body building, HMOs, insurance issues, malpractice suits, etc.
    • The sky is really the limit and you should be thinking about these kinds of issues.
  • You are giving a dinner party and can invite any three people from your past or anywhere throughout history. Who would you invite and why?
  • You may be asked about a current event issue; you should be up on things that are happening in the world.
  • This one is asked to everyone: What will you do if you don't get in?
    • The answer we like to hear: "Reapply."
    • However, be honest! If your answer makes you seem insincere or fickle (or rubs your personal committee the wrong way), they will work with you on how to make your truthful answer sound more definitive.

**These questions just get the ball rolling. Usually many questions bloom from the answers that the students provide.

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