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General Resources: Course Planning

Be sure to talk to your academic advisor and an HSAC advisor to collaboratively plan your course schedule and to make sure you have the necessary prerequisites for your professional program.

Researching the schools you plan to apply to is very important!

  • Not all programs have the same prerequisites.
    • Vet schools, dental schools, pharmacy schools and physical therapy schools are especially varied in their required coursework.
    • Medical schools are generally fairly uniform in the courses they require. Click here for medical prerequisite details.
  • Do your research early so you can schedule your coursework accordingly.
  • Make a spreadsheet for prerequisites: required and recommended courses.
    • Fill it in with schools you may be interested in.
    • Search for commonalities, and plan your schedule and schools from there.

Many fields publish official guides, from year to year, with full listings of schools and their prerequisites (along with other useful information). The HSAC strongly recommends that you purchase a personal copy, if the field you are pursuing has such a guide.

  • Medical School: Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR)
  • Dental School: The ADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools
  • Veterinary School: Veterinary Medical School Admissions Requirements (VMSAR)
  • Pharmacy School: Pharmacy School Admissions Requirements (PSAR)

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