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General Resources: Mock Interview and Tips

The interview is one of the most important pieces of your professional school application. It is during the interview that you will have a chance to present yourself as a friendly, confident, and professional applicant while allowing your personality to shine through. The HSAC recognizes the importance of the interview process and has installed the mandatory mock interview for all medical, veterinary, and dental students.

For students whose schools do not require an official HSAC file: You may choose to undergo a mock interview anyway, in order to get the practice and the feedback. If this is the case, please contact the chair and it will be possible to schedule a mock interview for you.

Structure of the Mock Interview...

  • Your personal committee will act as the interviewers.
  • You will be the only interviewee (no group interviews).
  • At the beginning of the meeting, you will step out briefly so your personal committee can prepare.
  • The interview will run similar to a typical professional school interview.
    • Prepare for it as if it is a real interview!
  • Following the interview, you will step out again while your personal committee discusses how it went.
  • You will then come back in, and the members of your personal committee will provide you with feedback that should help you use your interview to your best advantage.

Purpose of the Mock Interview...

  • Allows you to practice your interview skills with people you are comfortable with.
  • Helps you get out the nerves and jitters!
  • Gives you prompt and candid feedback on how the interview went.
  • Because your personal committee will know you well, they will be able to advise you personally on how to best present your strengths and weaknesses.

Interview Resources and Tips...

  • You should answer the questions as if the interviewers have not read your statement or know anything about your file.
    • Some interviews are cold or blind, and the interviewers may be put off by statements like, "as you saw in my statement".
    • Note: Even for the mock interview, answer questions as if none of the interviewers know anything about you or your application.
  • An interview is just as much an opportunity for you to learn about the school, as it is for them to learn about you: "31 questions to ask" the school during an interview.
    • Always do some research about the school beforehand, and ask informed questions about their program. This will demonstrate your interest in their program.
  • Speak from example: tell stories about your path, drawing from academic and practical experiences.
  • Be honest about your weaknesses, and avoid "humble bragging"
    • i.e. "I am too organized and detail-driven; sometimes it drives my friends crazy."
  • Common Interview Questions

**Scheduling your mock interview is your responsibility!
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