St. Mary's College of Maryland

General Resources: Staying Organized

Tips for staying organized

  • Start an organizational system early, and stick with it!
  • Create a file (both digital and hard-copy) for each school.
  • Make a spreadsheet for prerequisites: required and recommended courses.
    • Fill it in with schools you may be interested in.
    • Search for commonalities, and plan your schedule and schools from there.
  • Bookmark important websites.
  • Maintain a calendar.
  • Work on application materials ahead of time!
  • Take notes on each school you visit.
    • Admissions requirements, academic and financial information, general thoughts/impressions, etc.
  • Record your practical experience hours religiously! Some schools, especially vet and physical therapy schools, require a large number of practical experience hours. It will save you headaches during the application process if you record all of your hours along the way.

Reasons organization is so important

  • You don't want to miss a deadline or apply to a school you don't know enough about.
  • Applications are a huge investment of time and money. Organization helps ensure that your resources are being put to their best use.
  • Being organized will help make your life easier during hectic application time, when your schoolwork will inevitably pick up.
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