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General Resources: Post-Bac Programs

Post-Baccalaureate Programs, or Post-Bac Programs, provide an alternate entry into postgraduate programs for students who have already obtained an undergraduate degree. You may consider an additional step between St. Mary's and medical/professional school if you were not accepted the first time around, or if your GPA and/or MCAT scores are too low for you to be a competitive applicant.

[Click here for a listing of HSAC recommended post-bac programs.]

Post-Bac programs are not for everyone, so it is important to make sure that pursuing a post-bac will be a good fit for you in your progress toward professional school. Keep in mind that post-bac programs are not the same as master's programs, and both kinds of program has its advantages.

To decide what is the best path for you...

  • Reflect on your own circumstances-- your financial situation, your professional goals, etc.
  • Talk to HSAC advisors.
  • Talk to admissions officers at the school(s) you were rejected from. They are typically happy to accommodate you and give suggestions for improvement.
  • Talk to admissions officers at the medical/professional school would ideally like to attend. Their recommendation will, then, be directly pertinent to you and your academic/career goals.
  • Figure out if you are missing prerequisites for medical/professional school. A post-bac will make sure you have all the prerequisites, whereas a master's may not (depending on the program you choose).

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