St. Mary's College of Maryland

Getting Started: Before beginning a file

Questions you should be thinking about...

* Why do I want to enter the medical field?

* Am I a person of service?

* What personal experiences do I have that have fueled my interest in health care?

* Do I have any practical experience with health care that:

- has helped me commit myself to the challenge of fulfilling the necessary course work required for a graduate program in the health sciences?
- will strengthen my application to graduate work by giving me hands on experience and demonstrate that I am fully aware of what the career I have chosen involves.

* Am I committed to striving for a GPA of 3.5?

* Do I want to do more than fulfill the minimum requirements for my degree?

* Am I willing to find and take advantage of experiences such as:

- a summer research internship
- an independent research project
- assuming leadership roles in campus programs?

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