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Physical Therapy: From the HSAC Chair

"Students interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy do not need to go through the HSAC process, but many of the HSAC advisors work with them along with their course professors and academic advisor to prepare. PT programs are almost exclusively PhD programs now vs. the masters level programs of the past. Fulfilling the prerequisites at SMCM is not too difficult, however one caveat is the prerequisite for a two-semester lower level Human Anatomy and Physiology course for most programs. Ideally a student can fulfill this during the summer at a college, university or community college near their home. Alternatively, some students have fulfilled this prerequisite by taking BIOL 330, the upper level Human Anatomy and Physiology course at St. Mary’s College, but there is no guarantee that all programs will accept this for their prerequisite. Students who have gone down this path have requested letters of explanation from the instructor for that course, most often performed well, and sent course descriptions and syllabi to each program separately for evaluation. While this is one path some have taken, an equal number of PT applicants have just chosen to take the summer two-semester sequence to fulfill their prerequisites. Practical experience for PT, often hundreds of documented hours is expected. Faculty and therapists who know the student best often write their letters of support."

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