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Physical Therapy

Congratulations on choosing physical therapy as your future career field! Here are some resources designed to get you started with your application process.

*Highlights from the HSAC Chair*

Official Association for Physical Therapy: APTA

Application Service that some schools require: PTCAS

*List of all schools that go through PTCAS

PTCAS Application Checklist

Admissions Test: The GRE...

  • ETS Official GRE Site
  • ETS: About the GRE
  • ETS: Free Test Prep Materials
  • You should strongly consider purchasing at least one GRE study book, such as The Princeton Review's "Cracking the GRE", or study books from Kaplan and Barron.
  • Note: The GRE changed in August 2011, so any study guides / books published before then will be obsolete.
  • Register early, and start studying even earlier! Staying on top of the admissions test will help make application season less stressful.

Practical Experience

  • Physical therapy schools expect to see a large number of hours of practical experience in the field.
  • Some schools require a certain number of logged hours. This could be over a hundred hours of experience, so plan ahead and make sure you start these experiences early!
  • It doesn't matter if the experience is paid or unpaid. The important parts of practical experience are to make sure physical therapy is the right field for you, that you are committed to the field, and that you have enough hours to be a competitive physical therapy applicant.
  • Make sure you keep track of all of your practical experience hours religiously! Having a complete log of hours will make it much easier for you when application season comes around.

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