St. Mary's College of Maryland

Pre-Vet Advising: From the HSAC chair

"What appears to be most critical for veterinary applicants are strong grades, strong performance on the GRE (the entrance exam for Vet programs) and practical experience (ideally with both large and small animals). Prerequisites are more variable for different vet schools and change more frequently. Common prerequisites are: Statistics, Microbiology, Biochemistry (I and in some cases II), Nutrition, and some sort of Anatomy course. Students should create a spread sheet of the schools they are most interested in applying to and plan their course schedules to fulfill those courses before they graduate., for our students this often includes: Virginia Tech (Maryland residents are considered “in state”), University of Pennsylvania, and Cornell. It is not necessary to fulfill the courses before you apply, but we encourage you to complete them before you begin your application process. Students will need letters of recommendation from two different veterinarians whom they have worked with along with either a single letter from a faculty member or more commonly these days a letter from HSAC. Therefore, applying without HSAC assistance is fine, but we encourage students to take advantage of what HSAC can offer, more specifically a composite committee letter with input from many supportive voices and participation/practice with a mock interview. Students may build files with HSAC and decide at any time to apply independently or with our assistance."

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