St. Mary's College of Maryland

Considering SMCM: Pros and Cons

St. Mary's College of Maryland (SMCM) boasts of a high acceptance rate to medical school and other health science professional schools, but pursuing pre-health at SMCM may not be for everyone.

You should consider pre-health at SMCM if...

  • want personalized advising from professors and advisors who know you and your academic/career goals well.
  • want to be able to choose the major that interests you the most, while still pursuing medical/professional school requirements.
  • are willing to be a go-getter when it comes to the professional school application process.
  • want a liberal arts and/or well-rounded education, in addition to pursuing prerequisites for medical/professional school.
  • are comfortable with attending a small-name school that has an established rapport with a good handful of medical/professional schools.

You may not want to consider pre-health at SMCM if...

  • are looking for a large organization for pre-health advising.
  • want a school that is primarily known for pre-medical / pre-health sciences education.
  • want your major to be labeled as "pre-medical", "pre-dental", "pre-physical therapy", etc.
  • want a streamlined / combined degree program (i.e. BS/MS program).

If you are still not sure about whether SMCM is a good fit for you, talk to a committee member, or contact the chair of HSAC.

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