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Major at SMCM: Biology

Year of graduation from SMCM: 2010

Year of entrance to professional school: 2010

Professional school: University of Maryland Baltimore Dental

Professional Field: Dentistry

Drew Barnes

How did St. Mary's prepare you for medical/professional school?

-Helped me with my public speaking

-Gave me the opportunity to participate in research, write a research paper, and get my abstract published

-Helped me with the application process

-Prepared me well for 1st year dental classes

Was there anything unique about the St. Mary's education that you feel made a difference in your career or your path toward your career?
The SMP gave me a edge up on the competition. I did my research at the University of Maryland dental school and became familiarized with many of the faculty and staff. It really helped me stand out in the application the fact that I had done 8 credit hours of research and become familiar with the school (many schools like applicants that do research).

In comparison to your peers in your professional school program, do you feel that St. Mary's prepared you for the rigors of the program?
Yes, I think St. Marys did a good job of preparing me for dental school. I recognized most the information that was taught the first year of dental school from undergrad. The only difference is the testing. Dental school has mostly all multiple choice exams while a lot of St Mary test are written.

What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of the St. Mary's pre-health advisory program that you encountered while attending St. Mary's?

- They were helpful in getting me letters of recommendation (sometimes you just have to keep reminding them though)

- They were helpful in preparing me for my interview

If you could give one piece of advice to current St. Mary's pre-health students, what would it be?
If you have the opportunity to work or do research with one of the schools on your list, definitely take advantage of it. It is always nice to be able to get a letter of recommendation from someone in the school you are applying to.

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