Alumni Spotlight

Jason Dorick

Jason Dorick

Jason Dorick, class of '07, found the perfect venue for his interdisciplinary interests in ILC. During his four years of studying French at St. Mary's, he also took courses in German and Spanish, and studied abroad in Montpellier. As a history major, Jason took advantage of his studies in ILC and created a cross-disciplinary St. Mary's Project, looking at the figure of Pierre L'Enfant as a means of revisiting the legacy of America's love/hate relationship with the French. After graduation, Jason's education through ILC made him uniquely suited for a rare experience teaching English in France. He currently works for Laureate Education Group in Baltimore as a bilingual Enrollment Advisor for the University of Liverpool's online MSc programs, and is preparing to begin graduate studies with Indiana University-Bloomington's MA program in West European Studies. He plans to focus on France and Germany and their role within the expanding EU, and expects to go on to a PhD in Modern European History.

Ellen Kernan

Ellen Kernan in a group of school children in Guatemala

After graduating from St. Mary's in 2006 Ellen Kernan moved to Guatemala and lived in the Western Highlands for two and half years. She served as a Peace Corps volunteer and was able to establish a sustainable health education program in three rural villages. All three villages suffered from lack of access to potable water, good health care and continuous supply of fresh fruits and vegetables. Her job was to work with the local teachers, village leaders, parents and school students to establish a sustainable health program in the school curriculum. Ellen also gave workshops on subjects ranging from nutrition, to first aid, to HIV/AIDS and sex education to teachers and local leaders, who then taught their students and neighbors. She was able to provide some knowledge to the people with whom she worked, but says she in turn gained more knowledge of the complex culture and society of the indigenous men and women she worked and lived with, something she would not trade for anything. After finishing her service in the Peace Corps she returned to the States and now lives in Pennsylvania with her fiance. Ellen is working for a Community Development Organization as a manager for a revitalization project in center city Allentown.

Jennifer Schaumburg

Jennifer Schaumberg

Jennifer Schaumburg graduated from St. Mary's in the spring of 2008 with a double major in French and German and a minor in History.  At St. Mary's she participated in the Berlin Study Tour, studied one semester in Bordeaux, France, and attended a summer language course in Oldenburg, Germany.  Through a Fulbright Scholarship, Jennifer worked as an English Teaching Assistant in a Gesamtschule in Germany the year after graduation—ironically in the town of Schaumburg outside Hannover. This coincidence made Jennifer quite popular with the students and faculty who found it rather amusing that a Schaumburg had returned to Schaumburg. In addition to teaching English and giving guest presentations on U.S. culture and history in other classes, in the spring, Jennifer became a speaker for the US Consulate's MeetUS program. Once or twice a month, she traveled to various high schools in northern Germany and gave presentations on what life was actually like in the United States. Jennifer is currently working as a bank teller, "not the most glamorous of jobs," Jennifer says, but next year she will again be abroad, this time studying for a MA in Translation with Language Technology at the University of Swansea in Wales.